Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Author Blog


If you are an author and you are toying with the idea of starting a blog so you can either promote your existing books or highlight or showcase your writing skills or maybe jog your creative juices, you should use Wordpress as your blogging platform. While you can go with other blogging software, when it comes to scalability, ease of use, versatility, and security, you simply … [Read more...]

How to Make Money with a Blog


Many bloggers think that the best way to make money off their blogs is to install Google Adsense. This is a very popular way of monetizing blogs because it is so easy. You only need to sign up to Google Adsense, get your code, and install it on your site. Given that there are many plugins that help you with this, it is easy to slap on Google Adsense ads to your blog. Sadly, if … [Read more...]

Blogging Ideas for Authors


There are two main reasons why authors blog: to promote their books or to flex their creative muscles. In fact, many authors blog due to both these reasons. If you are an author looking for blogging ideas, you have to always keep these two main reasons in mind. If your blog promotes your books If you are blogging to promote your existing books, you should blog about common … [Read more...]

How Often Do You Need to Blog?


Figuring out how often you should blog is a big deal. If you don't update your blog enough, you might lose your hard-earned viewers. If you update your blog too much, you might overwhelm your loyal blog readers and many of them might never come back to your site. To avoid these problems, you have to figure out the right frequency of updates for your blog. The problem with this … [Read more...]

How To Publish Your Blog to Amazon’s Kindle – Step-By-Step Instructions


Publishing to Kindle has always been a great way to build royalty income and a fan base.   But one very smart play is to publish content to Kindle that already exists or is being published elsewhere. Alas, Amazon has a solution for this too.   Fact is, now bloggers of all genres can publish their blogs to the Kindle device. Plus, bloggers stand to make 35% royalty of either … [Read more...]

Get Bloggers to Promote Your Book


Note from Cathy: We do author interviews here at SellingBooks.com. Click here to learn more. Book Bloggers, I.E. people who blog about books, like to interview authors for their blogs. Some bloggers have tens of thousands of followers and can totally change an author’s life by exposing you and your book to their audience. Finding a blogger who interviews authors in your … [Read more...]

The Right Way for Authors to Blog


Blogging is a great way for authors to stay in touch with their fans and attract new fans, too. For many authors, though, blogging seems a little scary. How do you set up a blog? What do you write about? How do you get people to read your blog? Here are some tips to help you be a better author blogger. Be the master of your own domain. A free blog on Blogger.com or … [Read more...]

6 Quick & Easy Tips to Get Bloggers Talking About Your Book!


They’re front-row fixtures in the fashion world, invited to super-exclusive product unveilings in technology, and key influencers in just about every industry and topic imaginable. They’re bloggers, and you’d be unwise to forget them when looking to get some buzz for your book. National magazines and newspapers will always be important, but they’re not the be-all-end-all of … [Read more...]

Author Blogging Interview on Authors Access

Last week, Irene Watson and Victor R. Volkman interviewed me about author blogging for their Authors Access podcast. Listen and learn whether blogging really sells books, the best way to set up a blog (and what you should never do), blog ideas for fiction and non-fiction authors, how to find the time to blog, guest blogging and much more. You can listen to the podcast, … [Read more...]

Get Quality Backlinks with Blog Commenting [VIDEO]

Blog commenting can be a good strategy for getting links and traffic to your blog. Commenting is most effective when (1) you comment on blogs in the same niche as your blog and (2) the links are do-follow, meaning that the search engines give you credit for the links. The problem is finding the blog posts on which to comment. The CommentLuv Enabled Blog Search Engine makes … [Read more...]