Step Into the Winner’s Circle!


Wouldn't you love to be known as an "award-winning writer"? The phrase has such a lovely ring to it -- a cachet of success. You may imagine that only a fortunate few will ever claim it. Well, I have a little secret to share: It's not that difficult. It takes only one win, one successful entry, to make you a bona fide "award-winning writer." It takes only one prize to give … [Read more...]

Does Your LinkedIn Profile Summary Sound Like a Lame Author’s Bio At the Back of a Book?


Many LinkedIn professionals simply copy their bios from their website or the back of their book. And believe me you can tell. For example, I recently spoke to Ted Gee about changing his LinkedIn profile. I told him that his summary read like a back flap of a hard cover book. His exact response was, "You nailed it! That is exactly what I did". Why Your LinkedIn Profile Should … [Read more...]

Article Marketing As Well As Inbound Links To Get To Number 1


Backlinks have become essential while marketing an internet site. Why? For Google and also lots of the various other search-engines it implies exactly how crucial your website is. However initially you could be thinking about exactly what is a link. Backlinks is definitely clickable word or perhaps photo that brings one to still another internet site or the exact same web site … [Read more...]

Push Significant Targeted Visitors With These Article Marketing Clues


The benefit of articles in today's internet websites and web companies are usually immeasurable. They influence a lot in the particular success of sending website visitors to one's website. It has developed into a key element in making a website perform and also earns a good revenue. An internet site driver along with owner will need to have the good perception to add articles … [Read more...]

Article Marketing Debate – Is the New Google Smack Down a Good Thing?


Every time Google changes its algorithms - it causes a frenzy among those internet marketers relying heavily on the search engines. The latest change made many marketers stock up on Maalox and Pepto Bismol as it made them literally sick to their stomachs. Google's latest change was an attack on article directories and content farms like You see, many … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Piss Off Your Readers So They Never Become a Customer


Are you unknowingly writing articles that simply annoy your readers? If you are making the 10 article writing mistakes below, then I'm sorry to tell you – but "YES!" you are. 10 Ways to Make Sure Your Article Readers Do NOT Become Prospects and Customers... 1. Over-promising and under-delivering in terms of content. If you make an outrageous proposition or … [Read more...]

How to Overcome Writer’s Block Using the Secrets Revealed By One of Today’s Most Influential Business Thinkers


Are you coming to the point, where you say to yourself - "Oh sh%t, I have to write my article or blog post?" Does the thought of writing drain you? And, even though you know you need to write articles to get more website traffic, build your list, nourish relationships and increase your profits – are you procrastinating writing your articles? Then this new article is for … [Read more...]

New, Free Article Writing Template That Gets People Talking About You And Your Topic Right Away


I recently wrote an article entitled..."Article Marketing Debate: Is Article Marketing Dying as the Use of Video Soars?" I then submitted it to top websites like and SiteProNews. One day after it was published, my article was being talked about on forums like The Warrior Forum – a top forum for internet marketers. For example, John Hocking … [Read more...]

How to Generate Leads with Articles


Writing and distributing articles is an extremely effective way of generating leads and building your business. Article marketing is a term that means that you write articles on topics that your target market is interested in and submit them online to search engines. When people search for advice or information online regarding your topic, a link to your article will pop up. If … [Read more...]

Article Marketing Debate: Is Article Marketing Dying as the Use of Video Soars?


It seems that a lot of people are questioning whether article marketing as a lead generation tool is "dying" because of video. Here's real proof that article marketing is alive and kicking... 1. Key Organization Founder Denise Landers became a key contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine's website. receives more than 4 million hits per month! Can you imagine the … [Read more...]