Capture Your Literary Goals

Follow your inner moonlight.

Here are three ways to capture your literary goals so they inspire you every day:

· Write the ideal review of your book.

· Write and design a full-page ad for your book, one that you would like to see in The New York Times Book Review or USA Today. Include quotes from the people you want to give them.

· Write the front and back cover copy for your books. In The Self-Publishing Manual, Dan Poynter recommends authors prepare this to focus their efforts, and he provides a cover design with tips about the kinds of information to highlight.

Put the review, the ad, and the cover copy for your book up on the wall where you write. And whenever fear or doubt assail you, look up and let your literary goals lift your spirits.

From “Guerrilla Marketing For Writers

Reprinted from “Rick Frishman‘s Author101 Newsletter”
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