C.L. Leon – Love Me Tender

What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it.

Love Me Tender is a memoir that depicts my journey from the day I met my husband, and how I disliked him and was determined to destroy and make him pay for what other men had done to me in the past, and how I began to warm up to him later on. It details also how we had to fight against demonic attacks and possessions from the very day he proposed to me – to the day we were delivered and later had to run for our lives.

Tell us something about yourself.

I am originally from Seychelles, but I am currently living in the UK with my husband and son. I grew up as a preacher’s daughter and started writing short stories when I was six years old, and later on I added poems to my collection.

After the death of my mother when I was 12 years old, I fell into depression and later began to rebel against my father. I left home when I was 18 years old and went to live with a man who was twice my age, and he introduced me to alcohol and cigarettes. He left me a with alone with a baby a year later and as I fell more and more into depression, I became a drug addict and alcoholic, and was mentally ill and confined to a mental hospital at the age of twenty.

I called out to God to deliver me then, and as I constantly got visits from my sister and her church friends, I finally rededicated my life to God right there in the mental hospital. A few months after that, I was discharged and I ran straight back to church, where I did a public commitment before God and got water baptized.

To this day, I am still walking strong in my faith and serving God faithfully.

What inspired you to write this book?

The events I went through in my life, how the man I thought I loved broke my heart and left me with a baby on my arms, how I was possessed by demons and was acting strangely and talking in strange voices and languages. These things inspired me to tell the world how I was delivered, and they eventually became the basis for my book.

How did you choose the title?

Choosing the title was not very easy for me at first, but as I progressed through the writing of my book, I noticed that most of the story revolved around love, so that is when I decided to give the book thetitle Love Me Tender.

What obstacles did you encounter in getting this book published? How did you overcome them?

I actually published the book myself. I invested time and money to market and promote it, because I wanted the world to know what God can do.

How did you know you wanted to be a writer? How did you get started?

I have always loved books. From the moment I could read, I always carried a book around with me. I was even called a bookworm at school. I got started by writing short stories, then I began writing poems and essays, and I was always getting A* in English. I put in into my head then, that I wanted to be a writer when I grow up.

Do you have any writing rituals?

No, I don’t have any writing rituals. The only thing I do before I start to write is pray that God will guide me through every word and sentence.

How do you come up with the names for your characters?

As this is a memoir,I did not want to use real names of the people involved in the story, so I chose some random names to give to my characters.

Did you learn anything from writing and publishing this book?What?

Yes, I learned a lot from writing and publishing this book. First of all, writing is no cup of tea. It is a lot of hard work, many sleepless nights and giving up on things I loved doing, but in the end it is very satisfying.

Secondly, as I wrote this book, I was healed and changed in ways that I never thought possible. I felt like I had been set free from the past once and for all.

If you were doing it all over again, what would you do differently?

Nothing. I would do it just the same way.

What types of books do you like to read?

I read different kinds of books, from references, dictionaries, fictions, non-fictions, educational, novels, but the book I spend most time reading is my Bible, which of course is the best book to read.

Who are your favorite authors?

Francine Rivers


Because her writing inspires me a lot. She covers everything in her books, from dry humour to love stories, and also because her writing covers Bible stories which she tells in her own words and simplifies.

Are you working on your next book? What can you tell us about it?

Yes, my next book Return of the Prodigal Daughter is the prequel to Love Me Tender.

What is the best advice you could give other writers about writing and publishing?

Keep focused, clear your mind of every distractions. Forget about family and everything else while you are writing. If you can, close yourself up in room alone with your computer and get rid of procrastination.

Who is the perfect reader for your book?

All the women who have been hurt in one way or the other and don’t know how to get over the hurt and pain in their lives. This book will help to heal their broken hearts and show them how to find the true love they are looking for.

Where can readers learn more about you and your book?

Readers can purchase the Kindle edition on Amazon.com

The eBook version is also available on Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Sony, and Diesel respectively.

They can also purchase the paperback copy on lulu.com and Amazon.com.