Breaking Through Writer’s Block

It isn’t always easy to sit down and let your creativity flow freely from your head onto the page.  Sometimes you may find it difficult or even impossible to write about anything at all.  If you happen to find yourself in this situation, then you have a good old-fashioned case of writer’s block.

It may sneak up on you at any time.  It may hinder your progress in meeting a deadline, but it doesn’t have to make you miss that deadline.  There are several exercises and techniques you can use to break through the block.

Try stepping away from your writing area and focus on something else.  Take a walk.  Visit a friend or family member, or engage yourself in some other activity that will allow you divert your attention elsewhere for a while.

Attempt to determine what’s causing the block.  Is it stress-related, or have you been writing about something for such a long period of time that you simply feel you have nothing left to say?

If you find the answer to be stress, try meditation.  Clear your thoughts of the pressures that surround you, and you’ll find that your creativity will flow with greater ease.

Creating the perfect writing environment for yourself is another key element in breaking through the block.   Try writing to music or by candlelight or while soaking yourself in a hot tub.  You might also consider carrying a journal with you to a museum, garden or park.

The idea is to give yourself the inspiration, freedom and time you need in order to write.  If you can do that, then you’ll find that you have the ability you need to break through the block.

Laura J. Minning, Published Poet & Author


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    The stress element is so important. If you’re stressed, you’re worrying about everything you’re writing – that it’s not good enough, you’re not writing fast enough. I also find that reading something that’s a little like what I’m going to write gets me thinking in the right way again, and excited about what I am going to do with the idea. We all need ammunition like this in our writer’s survival kit.