Booklet Tips on Hot Topics to Write About

Food, kids, pets, money, health, and sex. Yes, these are each topics with large audiences and interest, at least in North America and some other countries of the world. You may have personal or professional expertise in one or more of these topics. Seems like any of those would be a great place to start writing a booklet, wouldn’t it?

So, you already have a magic bullet. You will find it by noticing what gets your juices going, what captures your attention, what prompts you to want to know more than you already know about the topic and how it relates to your everyday life. It’s what drew you to the business you’re in or the cause you support.

When writing a booklet about a topic near and dear to your heart, you will see ways to market the booklet popping up everywhere you look. There will be manufacturers, retailers, publications, and associations who will want thousands and hundreds of thousands of your booklet. Their universe could require literally millions of copies.

It will be easy to expand your product line because your clients and prospective clients will guide you with requests for different formats of your content and you will be excited about it. You will have so many choices on your plate that the challenge will then become what to do first from among all the possibilities. Will you create audio products or card decks or foreign language versions of the tips booklet you just wrote? What about an entire electronically-published product line on your topic?

So, what ARE the hot topics to write about? Food, kids, pets, money, health, and sex? Only if it’s already a passionate part of your everyday business activities. Otherwise, you may have found you’ve got the magic bullet for the best topics for YOU to write about.

Take your topic to the next level with a step-by-step system so you can add to those hot topics out in the world.

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