Book Publishing DIY: The Do It Yourself Guide to Print-on-Demand Self-Publishing (Second Edition)

Having gained significant experience of print-on-demand self-publishing by publishing his own books using and CreateSpace, and by offering publishing assistance services to other authors, Tony Loton now shares his experience with you in this completely revised and updated second edition of… BOOK PUBLISHING DIY Packed full of tips, tricks, and real world experience, this book shows you how to: * format your manuscript in Microsoft Word or another word processor. * create a high quality book cover using Microsoft PowerPoint or a simple paint program. * publish your book as a print-on-demand paperback using or CreateSpace. * publish your book as an Amazon Kindle e-book. * sell your print and e-book editions from your own web site or blog. * sell your book via retail web sites including Amazon with an ISBN. * take payment of your revenues and royalties. * reach your target audience through effective marketing. You can be a publisher!

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