Book Marketing Commandments

The more skills and interests you have, the more possibilities they will create for promoting your books So develop your skills, knowledge, and creativity as much as you can in as many fields as you can. They will serve you well.

Guerrilla marketing can do for you and your books what it does for hundreds of thousands of diverse businesses around the world. How much it helps you and your books depends on how closely you follow this advice:

The Guerrilla Author’s Marketing 10 Commandments

  1. Create books, products, and services that you can market with pride and passion.
  2. Remember that you are in the service of your ideas, your books, and your readers.
  3. Establish an annual marketing budget that reflects your belief in the importance of marketing and enables you to carry out your promotion plan.
  4. Devote the same time, energy, and imagination to promoting your books every day that you devoted to writing them.
  5. Foster and sustain warm, giving relationships with your networks.
  6. Maintain the perspective of a one-person multimedia, multinational conglomerate when you make decisions about writing and promoting your books.
  7. Be a lifelong learner in your field and in learning to market your business so you remain competitive.
  8. Use state-of-the-art techniques and technology to serve your readers better.
  9. Recommend competitors’ books if they will meet readers’ needs in ways that yours don’t.
  10. Practice “co-opetition” by seeking ways to benefit from collaborating with your competitors.

Of course, give more than your readers expect, which is why I’m going to do the same with ten more…

  1. Always over deliver with the content of your books, seminars, talks, etc.
  2. Make your marketing efforts creative and consistent enough to position yourself as one of the top authors in your field.
  3. Welcome change as an opportunity to find ideas and improve your business and your life.
  4. Make selling your books to new readers the start of a lifelong relationship.
  5. Encourage readers to contact you, and regard this as an opportunity to serve them, to help attract new readers through word of mouth, and to publicize everything you can offer them.
  6. Welcome the chance to say thank you and reward those who help you.
  7. Let your decisions reflect harmonious short- and long-term personal and professional goals that make you eager to get up in the morning.
  8. Ask the people involved with your books and your business to help you keep these commandments.
  9. Strive to create harmony between what you think, say, and do, without crossing the line between being righteous and self-righteous.
  10. Understand that marketing begins once you’ve made the sale and that a mind-numbing 68 percent of all business lost is due to apathy after the sale.

From “Guerrilla Marketing For Writers”

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