Book Marketing Blog Carnival – February 11, 2009

Welcome to the February 11, 2009 edition of the book marketing blog carnival.

Marketing and Online Marketing

An Interview With Blogging Evangelist Anil Dash posted at Internet Marketing | Information Marketing | Blog Marketing | Business Success.

Will Microblogging (Twitter) kill Blogging? posted at Internet Marketing | Information Marketing | Blog Marketing | Business Success.

Susan Tatum presents Do You Really Need a Marketing Plan? posted at Technology Marketing by Tatum Marketing.

Roy Twogood Jr. presents About Plans and Planning… posted at OLIN e-Book e-Publishing.

Alan Baxter presents Amazon marketing strategies – tags and lists posted at The Word, saying, “This is about my books, but it applies to all books!”

Todd A Fonseca presents Tag You’re It! – Hitting #1 on Amazon « Tag My Book on Amazon! posted at Tag My Book on Amazon!, saying, “Harness the power of the worlds largest online book seller by Hitting #1 on Amazon using their tagging feature.”

Jane Heinrichs presents How to do a radio interview for artists posted at Jane Heinrichs, saying, “How to do a radio interview for self-published authors listing various pointers for successful media marketing.”

Melanie presents Time Management Tips for Authors posted at Welcome to the jexbo® blog – Tips for self-published authors and entrepreneurs!, saying, “Learn how to sell your self-published books online cost-effectively from Jill Exler of”

Writing and Publishing

Peter Jones presents Bauu Institute and Press: The Nine Biggest Reasons Most First-Time Writers Fail to Become Published Authors posted at Bauu Institute and Press.

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