Blogging Ideas for Authors

author-blogging-ideasThere are two main reasons why authors blog: to promote their books or to flex their creative muscles. In fact, many authors blog due to both these reasons. If you are an author looking for blogging ideas, you have to always keep these two main reasons in mind.

If your blog promotes your books
If you are blogging to promote your existing books, you should blog about common themes in your books. These help draw attention to your books. These can also deepen your readers’ understanding regarding the information or themes you covered in your books. Some of the most common ways writers highlight the issues or ideas raised by their books is to blog about news or commentaries related to the information contained in their books. The most common forms of doing these types of writing are news rewrites and commentaries.

Non-fiction authors can provide additional information about their topics. What is new in your industry? How can people use the information in your books more effectively? Answer questions you have received from readers.

Fiction writers may be unsure about what they can write, but there are lots of possibilities. Do you write culinary mysteries? Post some recipes. Romance? Offer tips on having a romantic evening at home. Whatever type of novels you write, share information about your research (e.g., post photos of where you book is set, talk about the historic period and what life was like, tell stories about your hero’s profession). Or write about writing. Many readers would love to know what it is like to be a writer. Talk about when you write, where you write, where your ideas come from, etc.

If your blog is your creative outlet
You have more freedom if you are blogging to come up with new ideas or to let your creative juices flow. You can simply blog about any topic that highlights your writing skills and showcases your insights. Blog to hone your skills and publicly demonstrate to your reader why the reader should buy your published books or be on the lookout for your upcoming books. You do this by showcasing your writing style, your writing skill, your insights, and your talent. You might want to challenge yourself by adopting or experimenting with different writing styles. You might also want to write very short pieces that include experimental subjects or notes on research topics.

Always focus on engagement
Regardless of whether your are looking for blogging ideas to promote your current work or you’re blogging for a creative outlet, you have to remember to build your brand as a writer. You have to show the reader that you are worth following and worth respecting as a writer. You have to maintain or your build your brand as a writer. You do this by engaging your readers. Engage them on the level of ideas as well as through your writing style. The easier they understand you, the better. Your blogging ideas must focus on this key concern. Otherwise, you might just be wasting your time or harming your brand as a writer.

By coming up with the right blogging ideas that make sense within the context of their main objectives, writers can go a long way in maintaining and building their brand. This is crucial because a writer’s most powerful asset is his or her brand.