Become a Real Self-Publisher: Don’t be a Victim of a Vanity Press. Learn All About Self-Publishing. Publish a Better Book, Publish it Faster, Make More Money, Have More Fun

IMPORTANT AUTHOR’S NOTE: a lot has happened since this book was published. Please order my new Independent Self Publishing: The Complete Guide. It’s more up-to-date, has 88 more pages, and the price is the same as the older book. It’s better-looking, too.There is lots of confusion about “self-publishing.” This book will help you sort out the misstatements and misunderstandings. It will guide you from your first word to your first sale. It can help a frustrated writer make a quick and painless transition to become a less frustrated writer and publisher.Independence from England in the 18th century led to the establishment of a vibrant and strong democracy in the United States, where “anyone can be president.”In the 21st century, independent self-publishing, made possible by new technology, has led to a democratization of publishing where any writer can be published. Anyone with a few months and about $600 can publish a book that looks just as good as books published by the companies

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