Authors & Writers: Tips to Kick Away your Writing Demons

For writers, there will be times when you are distracted by defeating questions about your abilities to write.

Here is a quote which reflects this sentiment.

“The only journey is the journey within.” ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Writing can churn up questions and they can start to come into our minds. When this happens, you can turn our ideas off and start tormenting our inner writer.

I encourage you to pause when these “writing distracteos” come into your space. Don’t allow them to keep you from doing what you love….writing. Write on my fellow writers.

A few ways to kick away your writing demons:

1) Celebrate you have began to write. Many people say they want to write a book, but many don’t even start. You have begun so you need to acknowledge this success.

2) Know there are other writers who are here to support, encourage and inspire you along your writing journey. You are not alone.

3) Find ways to keep your writing going. If you get stuck, don’t fret. Perhaps you just need to talk a walk, listen to music or read a book.

4) Embrace what you love—your writing.  Even taking a moment to look up words in a dictionary or thesaurus, can jolt and bring your creative flow back onto the paper.

Don’t let the writing demons to keep you from your writing. Using these tips such as finding support of fellow writers, embrace your writing, and celebrate your success to allow your writing to continue.

Teresa Morrow is an Editor at Large with WE Magazine for Women, monthly blogger at and has a weekly blog column, ‘Social Media Book List’ at Successful Blog.  She owns Key Business Parnters, LLC, a book promotion and social media marketing company for authors and writers.  Teresa is passionate about bringing writers and authors unique message to the world through virtual book tours, social media marketing and blogging. She lives in Bradenton, FL with her husband and daughter and aims to bring her first book to readers in 2011. You can read more about Teresa and her company on her website, Key Business Partners.