Authors: Get Press With Free Marketing

I have written 5 books. I have just signed a contract with Entrepreneur Press to write a book for their Ultimate Series. I have been featured on NPR, in The Wall Street Journal, on the CBS Early Show, and in many magazines and newspapers nationwide. I have also never paid for advertising.

How is this possible you ask?

Since I sold my collection agency to write full time, my new job description could be writer, author, publisher, marketer or starving artist. Hence my need for free or low cost publicity or marketing. When I sold my agency, I started a diary of everything I have done to market myself and my books. I know there is a great need for this type of information out there and can’t wait to finish this book and share it with everyone. In just 9 months, I have created a whirlwind of publicity for myself, all for free. I want to share what I have learned so far with you.

One of the most important things I did was find out who is my target audience. It doesn’t end there, you must find out details about your target audience. What types of books, magazines and newsletters do they read? Where do they work? What are their hobbies? Are they married, single, women, men, both, have children, pets? When they read these publications, what are they looking for? Do they attend trade shows? Which ones? You want to learn everything you can about them. Then you want to position yourself so that you are everywhere they are.

Once you find out what they read, you must read the same materials. See if you can contribute articles or do a link exchange with that publication. Networking is a key factor in your marketing efforts. Networking can be free. I purchased a notebook and put tabs on the top, online ezines, magazines, TV, newspapers, radio, places to post free press releases and places to post free articles. You want to then create lists of your media contacts for each medium.

Everyone’s list will be different; you can start your list by going through the local phone book. Find your local radio stations, newspapers, and magazines, visit their websites or call and get the editors name. Introduce yourself and put their name in your notebook. Do this for each medium in your field. For example, most of the magazines and ezines in my notebook are credit and debt related. So your notebook will be customized to what you are selling. You will be adding to your notebook all the time, each time you make a new contact.

For the Free places to post press releases or articles, you can do a search on Yahoo! Or Google or visit to start posting your articles for FREE right now. If you want a list to post your press releases for FREE, visit

Find out what information they want, and provide it. This is the best way to get more traffic, publicity and business. If you provide something that there is a need for rather than add to a swamped market, your chances of success are much greater.

Michelle Dunn was a bill collector for over 17 years and started and ran her own collection agency for 8 years before selling it to write and consult full time. This excerpt is taken from her latest release, “Become The Squeaky Wheel, a Credit & Collections Guide for Everyone.” To learn more or order her books visit

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