Must-Have iPhone Apps for Authors & Writers


As a modern day writer, you've learned when and where you write best. Rarely, I'm sure, does inspiration strike when you're seated at your desk in front of your computer at 9:00am. More likely, you're inspired while you're out and about. In order to efficiently capture and save every new idea, detail, story line, etc., you need to download some new apps to your iPhone. The list … [Read more...]

Writers’ Conferences Put Authors on the Road to Success


There are several good reasons why writers should invest the time and effort required to attend writers’ conferences. Attending a writers’ conference only takes a few hours or days at the most, a few bucks, and a little effort to register and arrange travel and lodging, but the payoff can be big. If the book you are working on is almost finished, attending a writers’ … [Read more...]

Medium – An Online Writing Tool for Authors


Walter Isaacson uses it. NY Times journalist David Carr uses it. Author Emily Gould, Journalist Ben Smith, and Entrepreneur Elon Musk use it too. What is it? It’s a new site for authors called MEDIUM. It was founded by Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone in August 2012. On this exclusive site the authors post to a communal blog, then the site groups the posts … [Read more...]

Book Publicity Idea: Link Your Book to Holidays and Special Events


One creative way to get publicity for your book is to tie it to a holiday or special event. You’ll be able to reach out to the media who often need a ‘reason’ to showcase your book right now. Furthermore you may be able to reach your audience on a more personal level by promoting your book alongside a national holiday, theme month, or cause. There are thousands of holidays that … [Read more...]

What Can Authors Learn From The ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge”


The “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” today’s social media explosion, has caused a dramatic change in awareness among many. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, the “icing” videos took over everyone’s newsfeeds. The challenge involves filming a video of yourself while getting drenched by a bucket of ice water, share it on social media, and challenge others to do the same or to … [Read more...]

21 Top Fan Fiction Sites for Authors

Overview: Fan Fiction is a great way for aspiring authors to hone their craft. Amanda Hocking started out writing fan fiction and she was signed to a multimillion dollar book deal. Fifty Shades of Grey author E. L. James started writing fan fiction after she finished reading the Twilight saga, and hasn't stopped since. Here's a list of 21 Fan Fiction sites for authors to … [Read more...]

How Authors Can Use Listmania to Promote Their Book


As a book publicist I am always on the lookout for effective inexpensive ways to reach book buyers. One way is to tap into the power of Amazon by using Listmania lists. How? Listmania is a free marketing tool that allows all Amazon account holders to create a list of their favorite things such as books. It is ideal for authors to list their own book on their list along with … [Read more...]

Amazon and Twitter Make it Easier to Buy Books via #AmazonCart


A new way to use the power of Amazon and Twitter together was announced recently that should help authors sell more books. It's called #AmazonCart and it combines the best elements of Twitter with the shopping and buying power of Amazon. The way it works is that whenever anyone sees a tweet containing a product on Amazon and wants to purchase they simply reply and type the … [Read more...]

33 Book Cover Designers to Create Your Bestselling Cover


As a book publicist and book marketer I cannot caution authors enough – do not underestimate the importance of a book cover’s design.  Not only do potential book buyers judge a book by its cover but so do members of the media. Many reporters receive dozens of books every day! Do you really think they read the book flap and your pitch? Ha! Here are some important items to … [Read more...]

Get Bloggers to Promote Your Book


Note from Cathy: We do author interviews here at Click here to learn more. Book Bloggers, I.E. people who blog about books, like to interview authors for their blogs. Some bloggers have tens of thousands of followers and can totally change an author’s life by exposing you and your book to their audience. Finding a blogger who interviews authors in your … [Read more...]