How I Sold $600K With One E-Book

NOTE FROM CATHY: I loved this article from Robert Middleton, and wanted to share it with you. He offers several good lessons, especially for those of you who are building businesses based on your knowledge and expertise.The four lessons he offers are excellent, but there is something else he only hints at: If you are building a consulting or speaking business, your book can … [Read more...]

Passivity vs. Proactivity


What's the big secret of getting things done, of making things happen, of turning your dreams into realities? Right now we have a participant in the Marketing Mastery Program who is, as they say, "kicking butt and taking names." She's fine-tuning her marketing and selling activities, setting up appointments with qualified prospects and turning many of them into new … [Read more...]

The Book That’s Inside You


My friend John Eggen has four keys to publishing success and his keys can apply to virtually anything: #1 - Find Time-Tested Systems #2 - Get Training #3 - Get A Team #4 - Get Coaching If you want to be a better business person, coach, consultant or speaker, you'll follow those four keys. If you want to get better at marketing and selling your services, you'll … [Read more...]

Fooled by Randomness

In 2001 Nassim Nicholas Taleb wrote a book called "Fooled by Randomness" that explored how random occurrences (in finances, politics, weather, etc.), that were unpredictable, could have more of an impact on us than all the predictable occurrences. Examples are 9/11, Katrina and the Mortgage crises of 2008. Everything is perking along just fine and you're conducting your … [Read more...]

Is Marketing “Too Hard”?


Here's something I've heard from clients over and over: "Marketing is Hard." And then more specifically, "Getting my marketing message right is hard; writing my website content is hard; networking is hard; giving presentations is hard; selling is hard; and making follow-up calls is really hard." Apparently everything in marketing is hard and nothing is easy! But before … [Read more...]

How Do You Choose?


What really puzzles me about elections is how many undecided voters there are even up to the last week before the election. Most made their decision months ago, perhaps years ago. And if you're one of those people (as I am) we wonder why it's so hard for people to make a choice, to move forward with confidence and stop worrying about it. But the truth is, we all have … [Read more...]

Marketing Creativity


Most people don't think they're creative.  And that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. All young children think they're creative, but year-by-year the creativity is squeezed out of them. What becomes more important is the RIGHT answer.  And when I work with clients, a lot of them are looking for that right answer and are afraid to do anything unless they're absolutely … [Read more...]

The American Idol Effect


My wife and I have been hooked on American Idol for several years. It's a fun program and, by the end, it has us rooting for our favorites. The formula still works and it's fun. There are really two American Idol shows. The fist one is where the judges are screening the contestants in various cities around the country, and then the real singing contest that starts a few … [Read more...]

The One Big Illusion


I talk a lot about "Marketing Mindset" in the More Clients eZine. It's because what I notice that stops people from effectively marketing their services is rarely the technical components of marketing, such as networking, speaking and writing. No, it's all the thoughts, emotions and attitudes that prevent us from implementing these things. The greatest illusion is that … [Read more...]

What are Your Marketing Policies?


For years I had a very important policy regarding my weight: The policy was that I would keep my weight so that I never had to buy pants with more than a 36" waistline. If my pants got a little snug, I'd cut back on my eating. I haven't violated that policy for years. But then I decided I really needed to have a 34" waistline, so I got on Weight Watchers, became mostly … [Read more...]