Author Tips: How to Get Your Book Reviewed

Are you wondering how your recently published book can receive more reviews? You may have heard that dedicated book blogs are excellent sources for exposure. Studies have shown that the online word-of-mouth (WOM) that comes from a recommendation can be more effective than even social networking.

Self-published author Amanda Hocking was very recently in the news for transforming her substantial initial success into a multi-million dollar contract with a traditional publisher. Guess what? She credited some of her success to relationships with book bloggers:

I had no idea such people existed,” Hocking wrote on her own website. “They just read books and write about them. And I don’t mean ‘just.’ They take time out of their busy lives to talk about books and have contests and connect with followers and writers and other readers. These guys are honestly my heroes.” – from

Hearing something like this can cause an author to make a beeline for book blogs. Stop. Think. There is a simple tip that can save both the author and the blogger tons of time. And it’s this: When visiting a blog that you are considering contacting to request a book review, read their Review Policy. It’s quite simple – 90% of the time, it’s actually listed as “Review Policy” on the blog and when it’s not, it’s often found in the “About Me” section. The blogger will clearly state what genres he or she enjoys – or even if he or she reviews self-published books at all. If your genre is not listed, don’t query the blogger. Pitching book bloggers is not about browbeating, it’s not about twisting arms, and it’s not about arguing.

As a book blog tour coordinator, I recently surveyed 30 book bloggers to ask them what constituted a good – and bad – pitch. An example straight from a blogger of a pitch gone wrong was: “I know you say you don’t review self-published books, non-fiction, or Christian books, but I have a great Christian self-help book that I’ve published myself!” You see what I mean?

There are plenty of blogs out there, and I mean plenty. Pitch to the ones that enjoy your genre and that’s half the battle. Happy pitching!

Diane Saarinen can be found at the Saima Agency which specializes in author services such as book blog tours, virtual assistance, copywriting and book trailers. Their ebook, BEST PRACTICES: PITCHING BOOK BLOGGERS is available at


  1. Janice F. Baca says

    Great information! I’m also looking for a book blogger to review my book as well.
    Thanks for this article!