Author Library Events – Top Tips for Success

“I’ve recently been invited to speak at a library. Could you give me some help on what to expect and how to make the most of this opportunity?”

Glad to help.

  1. Ask for an honorarium fee. If they do not have a budget for this ask about a “friends of the library” group that may help with this.
  2. When you get a firm time and date, give the library photos, graphics and articles (text) to make flyers and signs about you and your book to place on their website or email list.
  3. Send notices to the local media. You want to extend your audience and make many more people aware of your book(s) that will not attend the event but may buy elsewhere. Contact local schools and community organizations and talk up your event. Also contact local bookstores (and request to setup a future author event). Contact the local cable station to cover the event. Contact the local network news or lifestyle producers to cover your event (or to do a special segment about you in the future). Contact local radio stations to announce the event and to appear on a local show.
  4. Depending on the event, give a speech or a demonstration or something of value in order to attract a larger audience.
  5. Bring handouts with your website link, book cover, etc.
  6. Arrange to sell your books at the event.
  7. Sell your books to the library and to their other branches.
  8. Ask the event coordinator to recommend you to branch libraries and request a list of more libraries to contact.
  9. After your event, contact more libraries and local schools to setup events.
  10. Do every event you can and make the most of them. Talk to everyone. Find out where they work and their affiliations and associates.

Good luck!

Cy Tymony – Author of the Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things book series. Check my website for article clips, video how-tos and other information.