Attend an International Book Exhibit this Year

book-fairs-and-festivalsTo get a fair share of readers for your book, you don’t just need to write a good piece of content, but you must be adroit in the area of book marketing too. If you want mass readership for your creation, sitting at home and wishing that people should buy your book won’t work.

Book authors are thinkers and writers. Hence, most of them are likely to be an introverted personality. However, if you need to become a popular author, you need to get out of your safety zone and expose yourself and your book to a wider audience. Just introducing yourself to the readers through the prologue given at the front of a book or a short summary at the back of the book isn’t enough.

If you are lucky enough and your content is liked by a handful of highly impactful and socially active people, you may get ahead with word–of-mouth marketing too. But, such chances have very low probability especially in today’s highly competitive world where authors aren’t authors just to express themselves creatively, but they have set their goals on huge monetary benefits too.

If you need an exposure of international standards, book exhibitions are a great way to market and promote your book. If you think you have written content that can appeal to the brains, sensibilities, and likes of the global audience or audience in a particular country or countries, then placing your feet on the carpet of international book fairs is a great idea. Even if you don’t get anywhere by visiting an event like this, it is worth taking the risk at least once.

Though traveling overseas incurs a lot of expenses, you get a fair return if so many people start knowing you. You get to learn a lot about how book fairs are, what kind of content the masses prefer, and the spirit of the event will infuse a positive vibe in you that will only serve to nurture the author in you. When you see so many people lauding other authors for their creation, you get a dying urge to compete and make yourself better.

If you already have a firm grasp over domestic readers, plunging into international waters is a good idea. Interest in a book is contagious whether the book is good or not. If your friend reads it, you want to read it too. So, never underestimate the power of the masses which is easily visible in a book exhibition like Book Expo America.

Book fairs are a great way to bond with people and to know their pulse. If an author is distant and cold, readers sense that and cannot relate to his writings. Authors like Paulo Coelho have bonded with his readers on a personal level.  This has made him one of the most loved authors in today’s times. People know how he looks, how he expresses, and this translates into increased warmth between the author and the readers. This is extremely important is seeking loyalty from readers which is so evasive in today’s book industry that is flooded with new authors every year.

If you reside in the US, you are almost committing a sin by not visiting the book exhibition organized by the Texas Library Association each April.

Residents of Florida should not worry as they could be a part of Florida Library Association book exhibit which may not be a grand event but is fast picking momentum and attracting people.

Whether you are living in the US or any other country, book events like these will surely provide you with global exposure. Book authors, librarians, book agents, publishers, distributors, retailers, and most importantly readers are welcome!

My name is Roger and I visit a lot of Book exhibitions to read interesting books. I had got an opportunity to visit the Bologna Book Fair in March end. It had some very interesting books for display. I look forward to visiting the Texas Library Association book exhibit and the Florida Library Association book exhibit and Book Expo America next month.