Assess Your Time Literacy

time-managementAre you a time-tamer or a time-waster? To get an idea of your current level of time literacy, answer the following questions using the guide below:

1 = Almost Never
2 = Once in a while
3 = Frequently
4 = All the time

1. I create a daily to-do list and then prioritize it. ______

2. Whenever possible I do my most important tasks early in the day. _____

3. The state of my desktop inspires me to get work done. _____

4. I have specific, written goals, for my business and personal life. ____

5. I arrive at meetings on time and prepared. ____

6. I delegate whatever I can. ____

7. My in-basket is under control and I process the work in it regularly. ____

8. I close my office door or take other measures to prevent interruptions when I need to focus. ____

9. I know when and how to say no to other people’s requests. ____

10. I meet my project deadlines. ____

11. I can find any information I need within 5 minutes. ____

12. I spend less than 30 percent of my day putting out fires. ____

13. I keep my email inbox organized and up-to-date. ____

14. My office files are neat, organized and up-to-date. ____

15. I tackle difficult or unpleasant tasks without delay. ____

Total Score: ____

50 – 60: Congratulations you are a time management superstar! You obviously understand the core principles of time management and have been able to translate them into everyday actions. To move to the next level, choose one area above that you would like to enhance and use the information in this book or take a class to help you further develop that skill.

35 – 49: You have a good grasp on your time, but are losing energy and focus because of a few bad time habits. Review the questions above and focus your attention on the areas where you scored a 2 or lower. Consider reaching out to someone you work with (and trust) to help you identify when you are caught in non-productive time behaviors. Find the specific ways in this book that address the areas you need to improve.

15 – 34: Your time literacy could use some education. You may be experiencing procrastination, overwhelm or burnout due to poor time management. Pick one item from the list above and using the principles, practices and exercises in this book, work on it until your score in that area has increased by a point.

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