Amazon Launches @author

Amazon has begun a limited beta of a new author community where readers can communicate with their favorite authors through the website or directly through their Kindles. @author lets readers ask questions of their favorite authors.

When a reader asks a question, Amazon will tweet it to the author and post it on the Author’s page. You will be notified by email if the author responds to your question. Other readers can also answer questions from the author’s page, so readers may find themselves in an impromptu book club, discussing their favorite author’s latest book.

Because @author is in a limited beta, only a few authors are currently participating. (See the list below.) No word from Amazon about when or if the program will be opened up to other authors or made available to all Amazon authors.

Source: Kindle Daily Post


  1. GABixler says

    I look forward to seeing this go global…but I’m really here to check out the new comment activity your recent email addressed… So…I’ll post and see what happens! LOL