Advantages Of Doing A Kindle Format Conversion For Your Book

In recent years, the sale of books which can be read on devices (mobiles, tablets, browsers etc.), has literally touched the sky. Even online stores like Amazon have admitted that the sales of eBooks are almost four times then that of the paper books. One of the biggest reasons for this increase in the sale of eBooks (Kindle, daisy or epub format) is that they are very portable. People love the idea of carrying their books with them everywhere and being able to access the content anytime with just a swipe of fingers.

But if you are an author then you should not ignore the popularity of eBooks at any stage. Here are some of the few advantages of doing a kindle format conversion for your book:

Have a wider reach: Just think about it with a kindle format eBook people can buy your book at any corner of the world. There are no delays or hang-ups, availability issues or delivery delays; it takes only a maximum of 60 seconds to deliver the kindle book to the Kindle reader.

Interact with readers:  Gone are the days when the readers used to write letters to the authors, today everything is online. Therefore, the reader comments and reviews on the kindle bookstore can help you feel the pulse of the reader thoughts more quickly. You can integrate the kindle book with your social media profile and you can instantly respond to comments and queries.

Earn more: The very advantage of having a kindle eBook millions means that you can even earn more with the sales and reputation both. You can sign up with the publishing company to publish your Kindle eBook and earn off the royalties.

Go out solo: If you don’t want to get into the business of publishing and royalties then with a Kindle eBook you can easily go solo. Write your own book and convert it in various formats and you can sell it over the internet. There are a number of ways to market your Kindle eBook and you can even provide a free sample for the interested people.

Therefore, you see that taking some time out to learn about kindle format conversion can benefit you in multiple ways. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that when you do the conversions or hire somebody to do the conversion make sure that the format and punctuations should be correct. Also before hiring, make sure that you understand what additional validation services are offered and whether you will get support for further changes and marketing.

Kindle eBook formats show no sign of going off the grid and nor is their popularity diminishing opting for a kindle eBook format conversion you will be keeping ‘in’ with the times.

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