Adopt Smart Methods of Marketing—Go Online!

marketing-onlineAre you content as an author because your book has finally been published? If yes, then you are making a grave mistake. Once your book reaches the publisher, it has to go through one more step which is in fact, a complex and ongoing process. Having your book on the stands doesn’t mean that it will surely be read by millions. Books of all kinds are available in plenty on the stands. What is the USP of your book that one would prefer to buy it over others?

Does your book have eye-grabbing or gluing content that leaves the readers wanting for more? Do you have a legacy of good, old books so popular that readers are dying to read your new creation? Is your book useful for the masses? If your book meets these criteria, then it is surely a recipe for success provided you market it well. Marketing your book well and through a variety of media is important to increase its reach to the readers. Are you targeting your book to a particular segment of people like children, women, and adults, or it is readable by one and all? Decide on your target and then select an appropriate marketing strategy.

Having an online presence is of utmost importance in today’s age where web is defined as one of the markets. In fact, web is the biggest market today even surpassing the print media readers in some cases. Even if some people would still prefer to buy the traditional, physical book rather than an eBook, marketing through online means bodes well for your printed books too. Most people know about a book through social networking sites or through online book websites, which are either free or have a nominal fee for downloading the copy. This generates interest in readers whether they later buy an eBook or a physical copy.

For marketing books online, you must make them search-engine friendly. You may also try the email marketing strategy to promote your book online. Having an easy, convenient, and readable pdf copy of the book is the key to grabbing people’s attention and triggering interest. Make sure you publish your book on popular eBook websites rather than obscure ones. Any possibilities for technical difficulties must be ruled out. Your readers must not get frustrated with opening the e-copy. The font of the eBook must be large enough to be read without eyestrain, must be easy to scroll, and must not be met with any kind of technical flaws while reading.

Roger Jennings
is a writer and mostly writes books on travel related stuff. He also does Book marketing and Ebook marketing of his books which requires a proper strategy and creative ideas.


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    I strongly agree with this! Online marketing will help a lot of author reach out to their target niche. Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms will be a big help when it comes to marketing.