6 Ways to Increase Your Profits on Amazon

While we would all like to sell as many books as possible, maximizing profits is just as important. Here are six ways to potentially increase the profits you earn from Amazon.com.

The Amazon Associates program is one of the most successful affiliate programs in the world. As an Associate, you can create affiliate links to place on your website for your own books and any other products you’d like to promote. Each time someone clicks on one of your affiliate links and purchases the product, you earn a commission.

This is extra revenue, above and beyond whatever you normally make when you sell your book on Amazon.com. You will even get a commission on anything else the customer purchases during that same shopping session on Amazon.

Currently, residents of Colorado, North Carolina and Rhode Island are not eligible to participate in the Amazon Associates program due to issues with sales tax laws in those states. But if you are eligible, you should sign up today.

Selling your book in multiple formats can also increase profits. If you have published a printed book, consider publishing a Kindle ebook as well. Customers expect Kindle ebooks to be priced lower than the print version, but look at the potential profit per book. You can earn a 70% royalty on Kindle books priced under $10, and some authors report that they sell in higher volume on Kindle because the prices are lower.

You can even sell subscriptions to your blog in the Kindle store. Learn how in this free tutorial on Kindle blog subsciptions.

If you have only published in Kindle format, consider publishing a printed book to increase sales beyond Kindle users. To decide if this makes economic sense, you’d need to consider the potential demand for the book as well as the costs of producing a printed edition.

Another potential way to increase profits is to change the way that you sell to Amazon. For example, if you’re a self-published author supplying books to Amazon through the Amazon Advantage program, you may be able to earn a higher profit per book by making your book available through Lightning Source instead. There are several factors to consider in determining the most profitable way to supply books to Amazon, but it’s worth investigating.

Selling your book through the Amazon Marketplace may also yield higher profits. In the Marketplace, authors, publishers, book dealers and individuals sell new or used books directly to customers. If your profit margin through your regular selling method on Amazon is low, you might be able to earn more per book by selling autographed copies of your book on the Marketplace. And if you are comfortable with the practice of selling used books, you may be able to earn extra revenue by selling books from your own library.

Profit margins in the publishing business can be low, so it’s worth considering these methods for boosting your profits on the world’s most popular bookstore.

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    Thanks for your note Rosanne. Traditionally published authors can still profit from Amazon Associates. You will earn a commission each time someone clicks on the “buy the book” link on your website and purchases the book on Amazon.

  2. Jessica Tarpin says

    Thanks for the great article! I wrote a non-fiction book, and now it is a great success on Amazon!

    I just printed myself, because Amazon and other domestic printers are SO expensive! Or you get screwed with POD prices. I used a company Print House International .com from Shanghai & Seattle, then pay minimal Amazon warehouse fees.

    My friend uses Lulu and loves it too though…

    Thanks again for the great article,