5 Things Top-Selling Authors Know About Book Marketing

top-book-marketingWe work with thousands of self-published writers as well as bestselling authors like Steve Harvey and James Rollins. Some authors climb quickly to the top of the charts and sell thousands of books while others fight to sell just a few copies of their book. Working with various different authors has given us a measure of insight into the digital publishing process.

There is no magic switch that transforms your book into a bestseller, but after working with hundreds of authors for the past several years we have found some clear commonalities between authors that sell a lot of books. There are important things that every top-selling author seems to be particularly good at. We want to share a few these simple truths about book marketing success.


This may seem simple but it is tremendously important that you spend time planning how you will promote your book after it is published. Consider every aspect of your marketing goals, and then write your plan down.

Here are a few things to consider when you are writing your marketing plan:

  • Budget – How much money are you willing to spend marketing your eBook?
  • Time – How much time are you willing to put in, and when will you be able to devote that time?
  • Social Media– How much time will be devoted to promoting your eBook on FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest and other social media sites?
  • Book Reviews – Will you be sending your book to any bloggers or book reviewers? If so, which ones?
  • Speaking & Events – What events will you be attending? Will you be doing any book signings?
  • Paid Advertising with Google, Facebook or others – How much are you willing to spend?
  • Freebies/Samples – Are you going to offer a free chapter of your book, free signed copies, or other giveaways?
  • Media Appearances/Interviews
  • Network Outreach/Email Blasts
  • Guest Post On Relevant Blogs


The importance of quality cant be over emphasized. Too many people think about writing a book as some sort of get rich scheme. Good authors know that attempting to publish a book with an attitude like that is a recipe for disaster. Writing quality content is a lot of work! And readers know good writing when they see it because ideas are interesting and important, and the organization is logical and effective. Good authors spend a lot of time revising and editing their content to make sure it is clear and effectively communicates the message. If your book is well written, professionally edited, and well designed, it will stand out and your readers will recognize the quality of your work.


Talking about your new book to the people closest to you is a great way to create excitement for your book and get feedback. Tweet about your book and ask the people you know to re-tweet it. Post about your book on Facebook and ask your friends to re-post. You can leverage everyone from your clients to your family to your colleagues and business associates. You can also reach out to your friends individually and ask them what they think about your book.


Last year eBooks outsold hardcover books in the US. When you provide an electronic version of your book, you expand your reach to an enormous chunk of the market. The way people are choosing to read is changing. Keeping up with the latest technology is extremely important if you want stay ahead.


Think about your target market and consider who you are trying to reach. Who specifically will benefit from your product, and why?

When you have a clear understanding of who you aim to reach and why you can benefit them, your marketing plan can become much more effective.

Social media is a great way to engage with your potential customers. You might also try creating a website or a blog and integrate your social media.

CJ Lewis is the Marketing Manager at http://www.ConvertABook.com- Convert A Book is a leading eBook service provider based in Utah and New York City. Services include ebook conversion, ebook distribution, and ebook marketing.