Tips for Authors: 4 Must-Know Book Publicity Tips

1. Holiday Gift Guides

We’ve said it before…now is the time to start reaching out to long lead-time magazines as they are looking for items to feature for holiday issues. Look for your top priority outlets and research their submission guidelines. Visit the website, go to the editorial calendar to see future issues/deadlines, then to the contact us section to try to find the right person. In most cases, along with a copy of your book, you’ll want to send a personalized cover letter, book release, and author biography. Make sure you follow the guidelines! Editors will not waste their time researching the required information on their own.

2. Attracting Speaking Engagements

Smith Publicity attended the National Speakers Association’s annual meeting in Anaheim in July. One question we asked author/speakers is: What is your best way of getting speaking engagements? The number one answer was, “Picking up the phone and calling my own network.” From a publicity perspective, make sure your bio states that you are available to speak and name your topics, and let your professional (and personal) circles know you are interested in speaking engagements.

3. Reaching the People Next Door

Local audiences are a great way to sell books, especially if the book storyline is set in your area. Introduce yourself to your local bookstores, both chain and independent; most have a local author’s section. Ask the Store Manager to feature your book, and perhaps discuss doing an author event (talk to the Community Relations Manager at Barnes & Noble). Visit your local library. Offer to do a reading or brainstorm on how you can participate in an event where people can meet you. Your local media will be more apt to cover you and your book as their priority is featuring local people and news.

4. Follow Your Topic Using Google and Twitter Alerts

Easy to set up and free of charge, find news, postings, discussions or listing of you, your book, your company or topic.

Link to set up Google Alert:

Link to set up Twitter Alert (Using TweetBeep):

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  1. Ken E Baker says

    Thanks Corinne for the great article. Holiday gift guides was not something that I had thought about.

    One question though – how does Tweetbeep compare to a service like Tweetdeck? Are there any advantages / disadvantages between the two?