Can I Self-Publish My Book and Then Sell it to a Commercial Publisher?


Many writers believe that by self-publishing a book, they make it more attractive to a commercial publisher than a mere manuscript. I suspect this is because they believe that a publisher will be impressed by the sight of an actual, published book. The sad fact is that this is not the case. Publishers are not in the business of buying books. They are in the business of … [Read more...]

Nina Amir – The Author Training Manual


What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. My most recent book is , which was released in March 2014 by Writer’s Digest Books, the same publisher who produced my first book, . It really is the definitive guide to becoming a successful author. The Author Training Manual offers aspiring authors, or even published authors with a new book idea, a process to help … [Read more...]

Pseudonyms, Pseudonyms, and More Pseudonyms


A letter to the Inquiring Writer drew a flurry of questions about pseudonyms. In response, we ran three separate "Writing Desk" columns on the topic -- so here's a host of tips on writing under a name other than your own! How do I copyright my pseudonym? I write under a pseudonym. I am currently unpublished. In the event that I do become published, I want to know what steps … [Read more...]

What Authors Need to Know About Self-Publishing


Like marketing, self-publishing is the subject of entire books, and there are many available on the subject. Check the resources section of your local bookstore, search for “self-publishing” in your favorite search engine or Amazon, or go to your local library. If you plan to go this route, spend some time learning about it. What follows are the absolute basics of what you … [Read more...]

Finding Time to Write

finding time to write

Are you wondering when you'll find enough time to start writing? If so, I have good news and bad news. The good news is, you'll never have more time than you do right now. The bad news is... well, that is the bad news. Time is never "found." Time can only be "made." If you decide to wait until your kids are in school, or in college, or you have enough money to quit your day … [Read more...]

How to Write Faster

If you want to write a book or if you want to write for a living, one of the biggest factors that will determine if you make a good living with writing is your writing speed. Writing faster is not just a matter of how fast you type. You have to actually compose your thoughts and reduce them into words in a short period of time. Study the information below so you can boost your … [Read more...]

Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

You’re an expert in your subject matter. You know it inside and out. You can explain it, present it, analyze it … but can you write about it? Not sure? Don’t have the time or inclination? Perhaps you don’t even want to. Let’s face it, if you’re not a writer, or simply lack the time or desire to write, do what many best-selling authors do. Get help from a professional … [Read more...]

Publish a Book and Build Your Expert Reputation


If you want to increase your reputation with your target audience so you can earn more from consulting fees or gain more referrals, you might want to consider writing a book. Doing so helps you build credibility with your target audience and is also a great 'stepping stone' to greater and greater expert status. You can leverage the number of books you published into media … [Read more...]

Amazon and Twitter Make it Easier to Buy Books via #AmazonCart


A new way to use the power of Amazon and Twitter together was announced recently that should help authors sell more books. It's called #AmazonCart and it combines the best elements of Twitter with the shopping and buying power of Amazon. The way it works is that whenever anyone sees a tweet containing a product on Amazon and wants to purchase they simply reply and type the … [Read more...]

Becoming Your Own Editor


Writers speculate a lot about what editors really do. Some firmly believe that editors are the final barricade between writers' excellent manuscripts and publication. Others seem to believe that the job of an editor is to clean up after writers and tell them what to do next. To a certain extent, the latter is true. When a manuscript comes along that is so magnificent that no … [Read more...]