The Art Of Interviewing


For me, the heart of research has always been the ability to elicit information from others. For years, it never occurred to me to go to the library or rummage through magazines or official documents. If I wanted to know about something, I found experts on that subject and tried to crawl inside their minds, to cram everything they would tell me in whatever time they would give … [Read more...]

David Kalish – The Opposite of Everything


What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. My novel, , which just came out. It’s a comic fictional twist on my personal struggles with cancer and divorce, to treatment and renewal. A zany romance about the things that break our hearts -- cancer, crazy families, busted dreams -- and the things that sustain us: love and second chances Took me thirteen years to … [Read more...]

Conducting E-mail Surveys and Interviews


E-mail can be an effective and convenient way to conduct an interview, and is often appreciated by busy experts who don't have time for a face-to-face or telephone interview. It enables you to compose questions carefully rather than "on the fly," and gives your interviewee time to respond carefully as well. E-mail also offers a good way to follow up on a traditional interview, … [Read more...]

Ghostwriting: 30 Smart Questions to Ask About Payment -Before- You Sign the Contract


Ghostwriting is a business. If you write a book or any other major project for a client, you are providing a service for which you deserve to be paid. While some ghostwriters accept an hourly fee, most arrive at some other arrangement with their clients regarding contracts, budgets, fees, benefits, expenses, and payment terms. What follows are 30 questions you should ask … [Read more...]

What Is Involved in Self-Publishing?


Self-publishing involves an extensive list of tasks. Before you embark on a self-publishing project, be sure that you're willing to take on the following: Prepublication: Edit or obtain editing for your manuscript Proofread or obtain proofreading for your manuscript Obtain any artwork or illustrations you wish to include Take any necessary steps … [Read more...]

Why a Writer Needs to Stay in Shape


Writing is an extremely physical activity—something that never occurred to me when I started out. Forty-one years ago, we didn’t have computers; we were lucky to have electric typewriters. Mine was a little, blue Smith Corona portable. I couldn’t afford an IBM Self-Correcting Selectric, which I coveted for years. I remember the feel of my fingers on the keys, tripping all over … [Read more...]

When Fear Gets in the Way

Refuse To Fear Concept

I am 21 years old. I am sure that I can be a very good writer; this isn't just my opinion. The problem is that I have no energy and no inspiration, although I have brilliant thoughts. Can you help me find inspiration? The problem you describe is not so uncommon. What you're looking for, I think, is not so much "inspiration" as "motivation." You have lots of ideas, but you … [Read more...]

Social Media Isn’t Broadcast Media


We are all familiar with broadcast media. We grew up watching our favorite television shows interrupted by commercials and hearing our favorite radio stations interrupted, again, by advertisements. Television and radio programs talk at us. They don’t offer opportunities to engage with their viewers and listeners. When was the last time a TV executive asked you about your … [Read more...]

Eight Criteria to Consider When Working on Your Book Title


It’s a huge and common mistake to fiddle around with possible book titles and expect a bolt of lightning to hit when you finally spot “the one.” Often the one you fall in love with is the title no one else understands – or worse, gives entirely the wrong impression of the book. On the other hand, sometimes a million-dollar title needs to grow on you. For those reasons, … [Read more...]

7 Ways a Coach Can Help You Write Your Nonfiction Book

If you are working on your first book, guidance and support from a knowledgeable source is a gift. But, even if you have done this before, a book coach can make writing a nonfiction book smoother, more organized, and more efficient. Here are some of the things a book coach can do for you. 1. A book coach is a teacher, partner, and personal cheerleader. You may not even know … [Read more...]