Why Press Releases Are Trashed By Reporters

why press releases are trashed by reporters

Press releases get trashed when they are too self-serving. Far too many people think the purpose of doing media interviews is to get attention for themselves or make sales of their products. DEAD WRONG!That's why they don't get publicity. A press release has one purpose and one purpose ONLY. That purpose is...to get the reporter to call you for more … [Read more...]

Lori Henry – Dancing Through History

Tell us about your most recent book. While some people take their vacations to sample a different cuisine or to try a new outdoor adventure, I travel to learn about a culture through its traditional dances. In my own country, Canada, there are countless cultures that have made themselves at home here and were able to keep their customs alive. I travelled all over the … [Read more...]

Will An Editor Steal Your Ideas?

steal idea

I'd like to send my novel out for publication, but I'm afraid it will get stolen. What would you advise? -- An Anxious Writer Dear Anxious: This is a question I've heard many times from would-be writers. I say "would-be" -- because it is a fear that blocks many writers from ever actually submitting their work into the marketplace (and therefore becoming "published" … [Read more...]

Lorraine Holman – Trials

What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. I had two companion books release at the same time. The titles are and Both are written from a Christian worldview on the topic of being thankful in (and sometimes for) the trials of life. In Trials: Thanks a Lot! I explore Scripture to find the reasons why trials come into every life and then I share ten … [Read more...]


Dont break the rules.

Writers are fond of finding exceptions. It’s part of who we are, I guess. I mean, if we were people who liked following rules we’d already be in a more “normal” profession. We’d be doctors. Or lawyers. Or terrorists. Anything but these free-wheeling weirdos for whom “Pants Optional” is a huge job perk. So good luck finding a “writing rule” that really IS a rule. IMAGINARY … [Read more...]

Emily Kinney – The Island of Lote

What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. My most recent, and first published book, is called . It is a teen romantic comedy that takes place on a tropical island. The main character is a sassy fourteen-year-old named Milo Hestler. She, through unfortunate and unforeseeable events, becomes stranded on an island. The first person who finds her, a hot boy named … [Read more...]

Why Most Books Fail


Why isn’t your book successful? My good friend Joan Stewart spoke on a publishing seminar on a cruise ship recently hosted by my other good friend Judith Briles. Joan reported several reasons why books don’t sell: 1. No platform. 2. Giving up too soon. Let’s look at these. If you call one more reporter, respond to one more PR LEAD or send out one more … [Read more...]

Create Characters Who are “Real People”


Author of Pimp My Site, Paula Wynne, says the best perk of her job as editor or iHubbub’s home business magazine is reviewing a smorgasbord of books, including a wide variety of writing reference guides on the art of writing fiction and creating fictional characters. Here Paula shares three top tips she has gleaned from years of reading how to create real people in your … [Read more...]

4 Tips to Boost Your Writing Productivity

Whatever the size of your next writing assignment, the time in which you complete it can vary to an extraordinary degree. How come? It all comes down to your writing productivity. As an example, I know I can write a 500-word article in about 30 minutes. But I know it can also take me two or three hours. Same article, but different levels of productivity. So what makes the … [Read more...]

Questions to Ask Before Collaborating

Book collaborations begin with the best intentions. Someone you know has an idea or area of expertise that, paired with your writing skills, should lead to a surefire success. You're the best of friends, so surely you can work well together. What could possibly go wrong? The answer is: Plenty. While many collaborations proceed without a hitch, others fail disastrously. Good … [Read more...]