Toys That Help Your Child Learn to Read and Write

As a writer, it may be important to you to instill a love of reading and writing in your children. Here are some ideas to support your child's learning while having fun. In the early stages of life, your child begins learning to make sounds that slowly turn into what we refer to as “baby talk”. During these early months, your child is learning to mimic your speech, so it is … [Read more...]

Bonnie Milani – Home World

What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. My novel is . It's a sci fi love story with an interstellar political thriller woven through it. It's about the price of power, and the price of love. I started out thinking I had a straightforward little Cinderella tale – Keiko Yakamoto, girl from the wrong side of the genetic pool captivates Jezekiah Van Buren, … [Read more...]

Publishing Towards Success!

Many authors make a very common mistake, they spend years thinking, writing and publishing their pride and joy and once it's launched for the whole world to see—THEY SIT AND WAIT. Sitting and waiting for a book sale is one of the best ways towards failing in the publishing industry, and it is an industry and you are the creator of a product. Something authors must understand … [Read more...]

The 7 Deadly Sins Authors Make…And How To Avoid Them

Yellow Dont Do It Road Sign Isolated on White

The most recent data I've seen says that 99% of authors make less than $50,000. Sad but true. Want to find out how to end up in the 1% who make more? Keep reading and avoid these "deadly" sins that most authors make. 1. Going with a Traditional Publisher. Unless you are a fiction writer, you'll make more money publishing a book yourself. My friend and client, Bob Bly has had … [Read more...]

Why Amazon Optimization Matters


It is now easier than ever for authors to self-publish and manage their Amazon book sales. This is true for both physical books and e-books. This is also a double-edged sword for new authors as the competition to get noticed by readers on Amazon gets more difficult with thousands of new books added each day. From the moment your book is available on Amazon, it is vital that … [Read more...]

Why can’t the editor give me some feedback?

Question: I keep getting form rejection letters. Why don't editors give me the facts and what can I do about it? Answer: In the magazine and book world, rejection comes for many reasons. Sometimes it is the quality of the material from the writer. In the book area, it might be a good idea that needs more development or more explanation. I've learned from acquisitions … [Read more...]

Mistakes as Learning Experiences


Because nobody is perfect, everybody makes mistakes. The best thing to do when this happens to you is to admit it, not attempt to justify it, and to learn from it. That's right—every mistake you (or even someone else) make is a learning opportunity in disguise. WHAT IT MEANS: Naturally, you want to be perceived as a competent, can-do professional, but everybody screws up … [Read more...]

What’s New in Marketing Books?


Since I spoke at Author 101 University recently, a client asked me to share what’s new in book marketing. I thought for a minute and realized there is nothing new. In fact, if you start grabbing at every “bright, shiny object” then you are probably doomed from the start. Of course, social media is “new,” but it is a tactic. The strategy remains the same. There isn’t … [Read more...]

Sara Connell – Bringing In Finn

What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. My most recent (and first published) book is a memoir called . It is the story of my 7 year journey to having our son- a journey that included fertility treatments, stillborn twins, miscarriage - basically a whole bunch of trauma- and then a miracle- when my then 59 year old mother offered to and successful carried and … [Read more...]

Test Your Idea


Ideas are the motors that drive nonfiction books. Often, it’s the book idea, the promise of what will come, that most fascinates publishers and readers and gets them to buy books. Terrific ideas stimulate thought, excitement, and curiosity and make people want to read books. So before you try to write a single word, make sure that the concept for your book is not just good, but … [Read more...]