Differences Between Writing Fiction and Non-Fiction


Most people understand the difference between fiction and non-fiction. Fiction is a story that has been made up by the creator of the book or document. It's not real, although parts of it may be based upon real events or people. Non-fiction is more of a fact based approach. These kinds of books are typically meant to educate someone on a concept or process. When writing … [Read more...]

Elaine Drennon Little – A Southern Place

Elaine Drennon

What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. A Southern Place is my first published novel. One reviewer wrote: In her novel, A Southern Place, Elaine Drennon Little tells a vivid story of love and loss, set in a rural Georgia town and spanning several decades of the mid-20th century. In the great tradition of Southern storytellers, Little spins a tale both … [Read more...]

Wake Up Productive, Every Day


When you get up in the morning, go through your regular routine and finally sit down to work...how effective and productive are you for that first half hour or so? Do you dive directly into high-value, profitable work? Or do you fumble around, figuring out what needs to be done first, checking through some papers on your desk and then finally getting started on … [Read more...]

Top 9 PR Notes and News


Note from Cathy: When reading Dan's list, it occurred to me that there are several marketing lessons here. Just a few examples: Item number 7 is a valuable lesson about using your marketing dollars on things that work for you. Many people miss this. Item number 5 is an important point about what the goal of your marketing and publicity must be. Put it together with item … [Read more...]