How to Promote Your Book on Twitter


Can Twitter sell books for you? Well, no, not all by itself. But Twitter is one of the tools you can use to promote your book. Writing your book was the first step. Now it’s time to promote it so that you achieve your publishing goals. Whether you published to make money in royalties, generate leads or build your expert reputation (or some combination of all three), you … [Read more...]

Adopt Smart Methods of Marketing—Go Online!


Are you content as an author because your book has finally been published? If yes, then you are making a grave mistake. Once your book reaches the publisher, it has to go through one more step which is in fact, a complex and ongoing process. Having your book on the stands doesn’t mean that it will surely be read by millions. Books of all kinds are available in plenty on the … [Read more...]

Using Twitter, A Guide for Authors New to Twitter


Twitter is a website ( that allows people to join and post messages of 140 characters. When you join (it's free), you can both 'follow' others and have 'followers' who receive messages you send (this message passed 140 characters with the word followers). Twitter began as a way for people in a business to send messages ("meeting time changed to 1:30"), but it … [Read more...]