Attend an International Book Exhibit this Year


To get a fair share of readers for your book, you don’t just need to write a good piece of content, but you must be adroit in the area of book marketing too. If you want mass readership for your creation, sitting at home and wishing that people should buy your book won’t work. Book authors are thinkers and writers. Hence, most of them are likely to be an introverted … [Read more...]

Creating a (almost) Free Marketing Strategy for Your Writing


Marketing is an important element of any business, but is frequently an abstract idea to writers.  While writing a novel seems like the more insurmountable task, writers often find that marketing their work is much harder than penning their masterpiece.  The work of marketing your writing to potential readers should begin before your manuscript is finished, though many do not … [Read more...]

Creative Book Promotion Ideas


Creativity is the key to finding out the best creative book promotion ideas. The truth is that good book promotion ideas will yield the best results and enable authors to swiftly make huge returns from their investment. Below are some book promotion ideas to help you market your book. Free self publishing promotion Article marketing is a great way of promoting a self … [Read more...]

Why Even Small Media Coverage Matters


So, you’ve signed on for a publicity campaign to promote your amazing new book. Most new authors aren’t familiar with what’s involved in a book publicity campaign – I didn’t, before I started working many years ago in book promotion. Publicists are the “matchmaker,” connecting your book with the right media. However, it’s you, the author, who needs to be available, prepared and … [Read more...]

The “Spreadsheet Marketing” Lie


Cathy says: I hear this from authors all of the time. "There are X million scrapbookers/bass fishermen/ballroom dancers/small businesses/bloggers/whatever in the world. If I can get Y percent of them to buy my book..." But as Dan says in this excerpt from his upcoming book, Internet Marketing Confidential, getting that Y percent is the tricky part. There are more questions … [Read more...]

Lyrical Writing

Notes on E Annie Proulx's  Annie Proulx's  is a great example of lyrical writing. While her writing might seem to violate conventional writing, her style always aims at getting to a deeper truth. Many years ago I attended a reading of published romance authors and unpublished authors. The published authors use lyrical writing judiciously. The unpublished authors seemed to … [Read more...]