A Guide to Four Free and Effective Book Advertising Methods

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If you have just published your first book, then you should move to the next step and look for innovative book advertising ideas if you are to have a mark in the industry. No matter how brilliant your writing is, it will be wasted if you do not have access to the people who are most likely to buy and cherish your books. The book advertising methods outlined below will work for … [Read more...]

33 Ways to Design Your Book Cover


Your book cover is like a highway billboard. How’s that? It’s simple. Just as people are driving past a billboard at 70 MPH, shoppers in a book store are walking by your book sitting on shelf at the same relevant speed. Like a billboard, if you first don’t catch their attention you’ll never deliver the message. http://www.book-marketing-expert.com Billboards use images to … [Read more...]

32 Book Awards Authors Should Pursue for 2013


“Do book awards matter?” YES!! As a book publicist I am here to inform you that yes, they absolutely do matter! In fact, one of my clients won the prestigious Los Angeles Book Festival award. That then led to a flurry of media interest, which subsequently led to a major New York agent deciding to represent the book and pitch it to all the major publishing houses. Deals are … [Read more...]

I Got Your Number! Using Numbers In a Book Title

assorted numbers

Recently on LinkedIn, J.D. Gershbein, a global speaker and social branding specialist, raised the question, “Does a numbered step approach to titling a book have a positive effect on sales?” This particular question and subsequent thread made me delve deeper into the use of numbers in book titles and whether or not it makes sense. Book titles are extremely important. As an … [Read more...]

How to Find Good Books to Read


Writers need to read. Most of us are voracious readers, and we read for the joy of it. It is also important that we stay aware of publishing trends. This post by Scott Lorenz suggests ways you can find books that will inform and entertain you as a reader and also help you stay up to date on what is happening in publishing. What Should I Read? I was recently asked this … [Read more...]

Is Marketing “Too Hard”?


Here's something I've heard from clients over and over: "Marketing is Hard." And then more specifically, "Getting my marketing message right is hard; writing my website content is hard; networking is hard; giving presentations is hard; selling is hard; and making follow-up calls is really hard." Apparently everything in marketing is hard and nothing is easy! But before … [Read more...]

My Dumbest Marketing Mistake


In this guest post, Dan Janal shares a mistake. Even though he is very successful, a different choice might have made him even more successful. Do you ever turn down an opportunity because the person or company is "too small"? Although that can make sense at times, it can be shortsighted. The other miscalculation is not wanting to work with "competitors." When Dan started … [Read more...]

Creating Links to Your Author Central Page on Amazon


The easiest way to help customers find all of your books and ebooks on Amazon.com is to send them to your Author Central page. Author Central is, as the name implies, a hub where customers can learn all about you and find all of your published works, including print books, audio and Kindle ebooks. As you add new titles, your Author Central page is updated. Linking to your … [Read more...]