How to Ace Media Interviews

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This tip from Dan Janal is useful on a couple of levels. One, it helps reporters to easily prepare to interview you by giving them angles for the story and two, it helps you to be make the most of your interviews by anticipating the type of questions that might be asked and preparing good answers. In addition, you might want to post the questions and answers on your website as … [Read more...]

How to Choose a Publisher Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts


Have you ever tried to find a publisher who accepts unsolicited manuscripts that is really good? If so, you'll know that it's difficult because most major publishers don’t accept unsolicited manuscripts and the smaller publishers who do are always suspect. So what do you do? Many people have found success by making sure they dot their i’s and cross their t’s before they go … [Read more...]

Five Fiction Mistakes that Spell Rejection


Ask most fiction editors how to avoid rejection, and you'll hear the same thing: Read the guidelines. Review the publication. Don't send a science fiction story to a literary magazine, and vice versa. Don't send a 10,000-word manuscript to a magazine that never publishes anything longer than 5,000 words. Spell check. Proofread. Check your grammar. Format your manuscript … [Read more...]

The Right Way for Authors to Blog


Blogging is a great way for authors to stay in touch with their fans and attract new fans, too. For many authors, though, blogging seems a little scary. How do you set up a blog? What do you write about? How do you get people to read your blog? Here are some tips to help you be a better author blogger. Be the master of your own domain. A free blog on or … [Read more...]

5 Quick Radio Interview Tips for Authors


Radio interviews should be a staple of most publicity campaigns. They are remarkably convenient because no travel is involved, and even our busiest authors are able to fit radio interviews into their schedule. As in any facet of promotion via the media, remember the process is absolutely a “you scratch their back, they’ll scratch yours” deal. Every talk show has air time to … [Read more...]

What Happens Inside a Publisher, After I Sign the Contract?


Question: What happens inside the publishing house after I receive my contract and sign it? Answer: I've been asked this question many times--and unless you have personally worked inside a publishing house, it's very difficult to answer it satisfactorily. The short answer is that a lot of activity is happening inside the publishing house after your contract is signed. … [Read more...]

Why Is a Press Release Like a Pizza?


While I was at my favorite pizza parlor, I noticed that to make a great pizza, you need three ingredients: Great crust. Great toppings. Great sauce. I realized the same is true with a great press release that gets results. You need three ingredients: Great content. Great keywords. Great distribution. I’ve noticed that the press releases I write and edit … [Read more...]

Find the Right Graphic for Your Ebook Cover


The cover forms readers’ first impression of your ebook, and the cover graphic can make or break your ebook. People decide in seconds whether or not they’re interested in a book. Whether in the bookstore or online that gives them about enough time to scan the title and graphics, which makes both critically important in the buying decision. Graphics that are both attention … [Read more...]

The Facts of Publishing Life


Every year I see a flood of emails and calls from authors and would-be publishers. 2013 is off to a rollicking start. For the first time, I got a call from a guy who said he had a manuscript written in longhand. In pencil. And it wasn't finished. And he didn't know what it was (he couldn't even tell me if it was fiction or non-). So the prize for strangest phone call is already … [Read more...]

The Media Training Bible

In just the first few pages of you will learn things that could turn your next media interview from a disaster into a smashing success. In this book, Brad Phillips, one of the world's top media trainers, will lead you through an engaging mix of 101 two-page lessons, three dozen real-life case studies, and several hands-on exercises. He will teach you how to become an effective … [Read more...]