How to Pitch Reporters in the New Era of “Pageview Journalism”


It’s getting harder and harder to get reporters to write about you because there are fewer newspapers and fewer reporters! One trend noticed by Shel Holtz is the rise of “page view journalism” in which reporters are rewarded financially for getting more people to read their stories. What this means for PR people is that you can curry favor with reporters when you pitch … [Read more...]

Typing Down and Dirty – Gettin’ ‘Er Done Fast, Gettin’ ‘Er Done Right


Something I’m often asked about is how I manage to write so quickly. I’m also often asked about how I manage to murder with a smile on my face, and why Honey Boo-Boo is so popular with the American public. Two of these questions are Deep Mysteries, only answerable by God and perhaps certain network television execs. One of them, however, is within my grasp and … [Read more...]

Focus on the “Low Hanging Fruit”

Go after the low-hanging fruit

Following up on leads is 90% of the game, right? At least that's what we hear. You spend all this time networking, marketing yourself, making cold calls, looking for the right client, but what's the point of it all if you don't follow up on the leads you DO have? This was a major obstacle for one of my clients this week and a shift was created when I shared the Low Hanging … [Read more...]

A Snowball’s Chance in Marketing

woman holding snow ball

I recently received an email from someone on my “official Michaelbrent Collings Facebook Fan Page” (which is still kinda weird to have, truth be known), asking in essence what he could do to sell his books to more than just his close personal friends and family… and promising me a kiss on the lips if I could help him out. Now, first of all, please let me be clear: if you … [Read more...]

Tips for Authors: 5 Book Publicity Goals to Set for the New Year!


By preparing in advance to promote your book in the New Year, you'll increase your chances of being noticed and setting yourself a part from the sea of authors. Here are 5 tips to follow to start promoting your book in the New Year: 1) Stop putting off promotion! So you wrote your book, spent time and money having it edited, formatted, published and printed, and now … [Read more...]

Advantages Of Doing A Kindle Format Conversion For Your Book


In recent years, the sale of books which can be read on devices (mobiles, tablets, browsers etc.), has literally touched the sky. Even online stores like Amazon have admitted that the sales of eBooks are almost four times then that of the paper books. One of the biggest reasons for this increase in the sale of eBooks (Kindle, daisy or epub format) is that they are very … [Read more...]

Write Every Day


Writing is like any skill - it improves only with practice. The more you write, the better your chances of improvement. Be intentional with planning times for your writing - don’t try to just cram it in “when it suits” or when you are all caught up on everything else you need to do. Make it a priority. The secret that most people don’t know is if you write just one page a … [Read more...]

How to Get Book Reviews


You need to get book reviews. Reviews drive sales. The more people who can see your book was read and enjoyed the more likely you are to get some sales and some money into your pocket. People typically need to see something at least 6 times before they make a decision about buying something. So you need to get your book in front of people at least 6 times; reviews are a good … [Read more...]

Why Are Ebooks So Popular?


In today’s fast paced world, everybody wants to get things done fast and go for things that are immediately accessible. This seems to be the main reason for the growing popularity of Ebooks which is taking the position of the conventional books. There are various advantages that come associated with eBooks than the printed books. These proven benefits has given rise to eBook … [Read more...]