Italics, Fancy Formatting, and Bad Writing


A good writer relies on good word choice and well-written, effective phrases and sentences to get his point across. The definition of a well-written sentence is really its ability to communicate the author’s meaning. Novice writers too often may feel they aren’t getting their points across so they rely on emphasizing words by putting them in bold, italics, or underlining them, … [Read more...]

Why Every Writer Needs an Editor


Every writer needs an editor. No exceptions! Just for starters, there are several stages of your writing in which you might need an editor to help: • Clarify your concept • Plan and organize your material • Think globally about how the parts fit together • Read for content, consistency, and style • Craft a catchy title • Check for grammar, punctuation, and typos If … [Read more...]

Ebook Statistics: Who Reads Ebooks?

Are ebooks replacing printed books? Do ebook readers read more than print book readers? How many people even read ebooks? There is a lot of debate in the publishing world about the future of print vs. ebooks. Although more people than ever are reading ebooks, they have not given up on print. A study released earlier this year by the Pew Research Group shows that: 21% of … [Read more...]

Why Reporters Like Getting Story Ideas from Press Releases


Press releases are a great way for small businesses to get free publicity. Reporters scan press release distribution sites to find new ideas they can write about. Here are five reasons reporters like to read press releases. Gives them ideas. As smart and imaginative as reporters are, every reporter will have writers block at some point in their lives. Press releases give … [Read more...]

Use Your Words: A Writing Guide for Mothers

USE YOUR WORDS introduces the art of creative nonfiction to women who want to give written expression to their lives as mothers. Written by award-winning teacher and writer, Kate Hopper, this book will help women find the heart of their writing, learn to use motherhood as a lens through which to write the world, and turn their motherhood stories into art. Each chapter of USE … [Read more...]

Proofread Everything—and then Proofread Again


Proofreading is incredibly important. Not only do typos and grammatical errors in your writing make you look uneducated or just lazy, but they are also a distraction to the reader. Good authors or anyone publishing anything, whether it’s a book, pamphlet, website, or blog, need to have their work proofread, both by themselves and also by others. As an author, I know the … [Read more...]

Ghostwriting Isn’t For Sissies: 6 Lessons I Learned the Hard Way


When I decided to become a ghostwriter, I was quite naïve. I had been writing professionally for close to four decades and freelancing for most of that time. I had written 12 nonfiction books on a range of topics. I had developed a workbook and taught many people how to write nonfiction books. I had even written an e-book called So, You Want To Be A Ghostwriter? I thought I … [Read more...]

Michael Colbert – Misadventures in Filgersville


What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. My most recent book is Misadventures in Filgersville which I self-published in 2008. It is a middle grade novel which takes the common stereotypes of middle school and disproves them. Chris Hastings, the dumb jock, is suspended from his All-Star baseball team before the championships because of his poor grades. His … [Read more...]

The American Idol Effect


My wife and I have been hooked on American Idol for several years. It's a fun program and, by the end, it has us rooting for our favorites. The formula still works and it's fun. There are really two American Idol shows. The fist one is where the judges are screening the contestants in various cities around the country, and then the real singing contest that starts a few … [Read more...]

Gary Tarulli – Orb


What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. Orb happens to be (so far) my only book. Science fiction genre, although I hope to capture a wider audience. The plot centers around the beliefs and behaviors of adult characters as they encounter the mysteries of a largely unexplored planet. Words lifted from the back cover say more without giving too much away: Three … [Read more...]