How to Make an Effective Book Video Trailer


Book video trailers are among the latest trends in book selling. Film previews have worked for years in helping to promote films, and book videos can do the same, capturing the attention of the Internet audience and people who are more visual and auditory in their thinking. By focusing on the images, narration, and music, authors can create an effective multimedia marketing … [Read more...]

How Book Shepherds Can Help Authors


I recommend authors look into hiring a book shepherd for a current or upcoming writing and publishing project. A book shepherd is someone whose expertise in books and publishing will help you throughout the entire book process. From cover art, editing, dealing with Amazon to locating a printer, a book shepherd will assist you from start to finish. I am a proponent of using a … [Read more...]

Pitching Reporters: What Not To Do


Reporters need ideas from you to write their stories. But there is a right way and a wrong way to pitch your story. Here are a few tips on what not to do. Don’t even think of breaking these rules if you want to get published. Don’t assume they have all the time in the world to talk to you. They don’t. They are always busy. Don’t assume they want to hear new pitches. … [Read more...]

6 Quick & Easy Tips to Get Bloggers Talking About Your Book!


They’re front-row fixtures in the fashion world, invited to super-exclusive product unveilings in technology, and key influencers in just about every industry and topic imaginable. They’re bloggers, and you’d be unwise to forget them when looking to get some buzz for your book. National magazines and newspapers will always be important, but they’re not the be-all-end-all of … [Read more...]

Will You Write My Life Story?


Here is an excerpt from a real email I received last week: "I don't know anything about the publishing business and I'm not a writer but I have a great story to tell! How do I go about speaking with professionals about writing my story for me and then getting it published?" We see this type of inquiry a lot and most people with a "story to tell" are surprised when they … [Read more...]

How to Write a Nonfiction Book Proposal


You have decided to write a book. You have an idea. You are excited about it. You even have a title … or at least a tentative one. You pull up a blank Word document on your screen and type the title and your name. Your first sentence tumbles onto the page. It’s a heady moment. What comes next may range from words pouring forth to utter blankness as you wait for inspiration to … [Read more...]

How to Self Publish a Book in 8 Easy Steps


It might not be as much work as you think. In fact, if you already own a website or blog, you can seamlessly transform your most popular content into a book. Think about it: you can take the same great content you’ve already written for your site and reformulate it into a printed book, PDF eBook or audio book to make the most of all your hard work. Follow these steps and you’ll … [Read more...]

Social Media Versus Traditional Book Marketing


Social media, it seems, is everywhere and part of everything. You can’t get away from it even if you try. It’s no different when it comes to book marketing; social media is all the buzz in the publicity trade. Experts will tell authors they must engage in a robust social media program to promote a book, and still others will say that social media is the only way to promote a … [Read more...]

What are Your Marketing Policies?


For years I had a very important policy regarding my weight: The policy was that I would keep my weight so that I never had to buy pants with more than a 36" waistline. If my pants got a little snug, I'd cut back on my eating. I haven't violated that policy for years. But then I decided I really needed to have a 34" waistline, so I got on Weight Watchers, became mostly … [Read more...]