Amazon Launches @author

Amazon has begun a limited beta of a new author community where readers can communicate with their favorite authors through the website or directly through their Kindles. @author lets readers ask questions of their favorite authors. When a reader asks a question, Amazon will tweet it to the author and post it on the Author's page. You will be notified by email if … [Read more...]

Writing Fantasy – Rules for Fantasy Worlds


Novice fantasy authors too typically let their imaginations run wild when they create their fantasy worlds and characters. While fantasy and science fiction may overturn the rules of the natural world as far as what is possible, readers will not suspend their disbelief if that disbelief is tested too much. Making the unbelievable believable in a fantasy world requires adhering … [Read more...]

Writing Your First Book Proposal


The moment my first publisher said “Yes” she was interested in seeing more about my book with a view to possible publication was the moment I knew I’d have to learn to write a dynamite book proposal. I’d done enough research by then to know that I’d need to have that “pitch” to send before anyone would agree to publish my first non-fiction book. Now I needed to learn the … [Read more...]

How To Publish Anything On Amazon’s Kindle

IMPORTANT: Amazon has redesigned the DTP software! This update addresses the new changes. Also included is a section on how to get your book listed with Barnes & Noble. Now your book will be available for Apple’s iPad and iPhone, B&N’s Nook, Personal Computers (PC), Android’s smartphones and Amazon’s Kindle.This is an easy to read, to the point book that explains how to publish … [Read more...]

Digvijaya Rau – Towards Beyond

Towards Beyond

What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. Towards Beyond is my most recent book. Like the name suggests it is about reaching the horizons of experience and going beyond. It is a 90 page, 41 poem book that is inspiring and turns your mood towards positivity. Towards Beyond could have been renamed Towards Happiness quite naturally Tell us something about … [Read more...]

Shifting Into “Action You”


Last week I talked about overwhelm and the power of stepping into "Focused You" who can't be overwhelmed, distracted or discouraged, no matter the circumstances. But you might say the whole purpose of Focused You is to pave the way for "Action You." Action You is one of your most powerful personalities or selves. He or she is the one that gets out there and makes it … [Read more...]

Marilyn L. Rice – Sofia’s Legacy


What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. Sofia's Legacy Tell us something about yourself. I was born in Nottingham in February 1951. That makes me proud of two things: sharing a home town with D H Lawrence and being an Aquarian and I’m a typical Aquarian – independent, forward thinking, humanitarian and definitely unconventional! Life, people, cultures … [Read more...]

Successful TV and Radio Interviews


Two concepts determine your relative success in answering questions during a television or radio performance: preparation and flexibility. In most cases you will not know the questions you will be asked during the interview. But if you know your topic and know beforehand what you want to get across to the audience, you will be able to perform more successfully. What makes a … [Read more...]

Haresh Daswani – Evolution of Insanity


What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. The book I wrote is Evolution of Insanity, a book that contains short stories and some essays put in chronological order. While the stories are fiction with deep philosophical and dark humor embedded in them, there is a real strong sense of destroying one's concept and helping rediscover. It is through this book that a … [Read more...]

What Every Author Should Know About Literary Agents


Many publishers will no longer accept a proposal unless it comes from an agent. While agents don’t guarantee your book will be published, they can ensure that it gets a reading and advocate for you all along the process. You can find the right agent for you if you know where to look. Why use an agent An agent … will critique your book proposal before it is submitted … [Read more...]