Your Creative Marketing Mind


So everyone’s an entrepreneur, and everyone has got a book, a media kit, and a website. What’s going to keep you from disappearing in the perpetual onslaught of competing books and media? Your creativity. The creativity you bring to everything you do will be essential to setting you apart from your ever-growing number of competitors. Your continuing challenge will be … [Read more...]

Mary Lou Santovec – Wisconsin Gardens and Landscapes

Wisconsin Gardens

What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. My most recent book is Wisconsin Gardens & Landscapes, a travel book about 120+ of the most unique public and some private gardens in the Badger State. Tell us something about yourself. I'm originally from a small town north of Madison, Wisconsin called Waunakee. I've had an eclectic career beginning as a … [Read more...]

How Much Hype Can You Put Into A Press Release?


Press releases are meant to be promotional pieces of communication that help you tell the world about your new products and services. Reporters and prospects expect a certain amount of self-promotion. But how much is too much? This article will show you six ways to improve your press releases so they get read and you get the attention you deserve. 1. First of all, press … [Read more...]

Ross Eddy Osborn – Forever Found Forever Lost

Forever Found Forever Lost

What is your most recent book? Forever Found Forever Lost (paranormal shape-changing) Local doctor is bitten by a werewolf (or so he thinks) and flees his home in Wicca Scotland, by makeshift sailboat, to where Viking legend lends the blessed sun does never sit. Hey, you don’t want to kill or infect anymore innocent souls during your lunar madness, do you? Well, the … [Read more...]

Working with a Co-Author


Sometimes authors have ideas to write books, but for several reasons, they choose to get help with the writing. While co-writing a book has many advantages, it can also cause some friction. The secret for successful co-authoring is organization, respect, and a mutual sense of purpose. Have you ever thought about co-authoring a book? Most authors would rather not because they … [Read more...]

Stan Stamper – Danger Diva

HiRes Diva cover.indd

What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. Danger Diva: DANGER DIVA is a cozy thriller that introduces a strong new heroine, Cassidy Wentworth. Her college professor (A radical Muslim terrorist sleeper cell leader) scoffed at her invent a high-octane synthetic fuel, but when she did it, he would stop at nothing to take the billion dollar invention from … [Read more...]

Authors: Rename Your Book For a Second Life


Throughout the ages books have been renamed, given a new copyright date as a result, and found new life and success. There are several reasons to rename a book such as adding a subtitle to be friendlier to search engines. Another important reason is to get a new copyright date because many book critics will not review an old book and reviewers often define an “old” book as … [Read more...]

Cynthia Kocialski – Startup from the Ground Up

Start Up from the Ground Up

What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. My book is Startup from the Ground Up: Practical Insights for Transforming an Idea into a Business. It’s a non-fiction book. Its purpose is to tell those people considering becoming an entrepreneur what they need to know in order to have a chance at succeeding. If you ask first time entrepreneurs what it takes to … [Read more...]

Dennis AuBuchon – What Makes a Good Audit?


What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. What Makes a Good Audit? It presents the audit process from two perspectives, those being audited and those conducting the audits. It presents and discusses the audit process from both the commercial and government aspects. It has chapters which present the benefits of auditing from the auditor's perspective and the … [Read more...]

When Good Writers Have Bad Days


There is a lot of hype in marketing circles about the power of effective copy. Great copy, according to marketing and sales gurus, will sell, convert readers into consumers, attract thousands of Twitter followers, and catapult your earning potential into the stratosphere. While it is true that there’s great power in strategic, persuasive copy, to believe you’re going to … [Read more...]