Should I Pay to Be on TV?


The person you are seeing interviewed on TV might have paid for that spot. It’s true. There seems to be a new trend going on among local TV shows as well as cable news shows to sell interview spots to authors, speakers and business people for fees ranging from $900 to $4,500. While this isn’t illegal, the practice is disturbing. As a viewer, I expect the news … [Read more...]

Alex J. Cavanaugh – CassaStar


What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. My debut novel, CassaStar, is a science-fiction/adventure. This short synopsis sums it up best: “Few options remain for Byron, a talented young man with a troubled past and rebellious attitude. Slated to train as a Cosbolt pilot, Byron is determined to prove his worth and begin a new life. Much to his chagrin, Bassa, … [Read more...]

How to Promote Your eBook


So you've finished your eBook. You've put in the time and effort to actually write it, format it, and convert it to a PDF. It's now ready to be sold and sent out—but the big question is: How, exactly, do you do that? Following are three ways to promote your eBook so that you can increase sales and get your message out to the masses. 1. Create a Press Release A press … [Read more...]

Dorothy Guyton, BA, MA – When Will Eve Be Forgiven?

When Will Eve Be Forgiven

How did you know you wanted to be a writer? How did you get started? I began writing in 2003 during a time of frustration. I was in Bible College and very upset about the reason I believed people always inquired about another person’s denominational affiliation. I wanted to write a book about this ranting and foaming at the mouth. Needless to say, that book was never … [Read more...]

Your Business Book Won’t Be a Bestseller, But it Might Just Make a Million


Too many authors judge the success of a book by the number of copies sold, instead of focusing on ensuring the book is written in a way that actually brings in valuable business, claims leading book coach and publisher Mindy Gibbins-Klein. When it comes to writing a book, many would-be authors are understandably put off by the multi-million best sellers which are on the … [Read more...]

Dominae Primus – Absolutely Done


Tell us something about yourself. I am from the island of Penang, Malaysia. It is a former British colony. In my case I found that the more effort I put into the language the easier it became for me to master it. I also discovered a knack for writing in the process. Sometimes it’s just like music or art or even cooking. The language chose me as a medium and I embraced … [Read more...]

Website Stats 101 for Authors


Getting traffic to your website is important, but so is understanding what and who that traffic is. While 2,000 hits a month might sound good, just what does it mean? A few pointers for understanding and monitoring your website traffic will help you understand how to get more visitors to your website. Anyone who has a website should have the ability to view a statistics … [Read more...]

Patience, Passion & Perseverance


To write a successful book, you must be passionate about both your subject and your book. You must breathe, eat, sleep, and live with them. You have to know your subject inside out and make sure that you don't lose interest in it. Many aspiring authors get excited about their subjects and go through a quick, torrid romance; then they lose interest and the project dies. To … [Read more...]

How to Break Into Freelance Writing


In the few years I’ve been freelancing, I’ve sold a several hundred articles to more than thirty magazines, newspapers and websites. I get asked on a regular basis on how to break into freelance, so here are a few tips. One of the most basic and important things is to be able to write, and this includes a strong understanding of grammar. I think a lot of would-be freelance … [Read more...]

How to Publish Your Book on Lulu


Whether you’re a budding literary master, an edgy new essayist, or just want to publish your personal memoir for your family, there are a number of self-publishing sites out there that can get a physical book into your hand in a very short amount of time, with little to no monetary investment on your part. They can even help you sell your book online. One of the best and most … [Read more...]