Etiquette for Authors


Authors who want their books to be noticed will collect more fans and support by remembering their manners than by expecting people to fall over them as authors because they have a false sense of entitlement. A simple “please” and “thank you” and some common courtesy goes a long way in making authors and their books popular. Authors care very deeply about their books. Often … [Read more...]

Do Not Measure Your Success in Book Sales


Many of you might be shaking your head wondering how I could possibly say this, but it’s true. Book sales, even in the best of economic climates, are sketchy and planning your success or failure around them is a very bad way to market your book. Here’s the reality: exposure = awareness = sales. The more exposure you get, the more awareness there is for the book, the more sales … [Read more...]

Patti McKenna – Caution: Children Should Come With Warning Labels

Caution Children

What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. Caution: Children Should Come With Warning Labels is the instruction manual kids don't come with. A humorous book about the realities of parenting, the book weaves parenting lessons through true, often embarrassing, hilarious, or touching, stories based on my life as an average mom raising four daughters. Taking parents … [Read more...]

Diane Kinman – Condo Divas

Condo Divas

What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. Condo Divas is a humorous take on the politics of a condo community based on the author's dozen years on the board. A burned-out Mattie copes with board members and residents who scheme, sneak, and sidestep rules as they go about solving—and creating—major issues of pets, parking, and people with their own skewed logic. … [Read more...]

What Writers Can Learn from Criticism


Nobody likes a critic and yet everybody is one.  We all have our opinions and some of us put them to good use by becoming critics.  Unfortunately, this means that there is a measuring stick by which your work will be judged when it comes time for you to publish.  And while there are literary critics who are good at what they do (as well as those who are not so good), it can be … [Read more...]

Mary Terzian – The Immigrants’ Daughter

The Immigrants Daughter

What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. The Immigrants' Daughter is a compendium of memoirs about growing up in Cairo during World War II and thereafter, in a community traumatized by genocide. It is a coming of age story and an effort at emancipation beyond traditional boundaries. It is a story of triumph over fatalism and of accepting responsibility for … [Read more...]

Writer’s Block: How to Get Your Pen Moving


Writer’s block can definitely be an infuriating nemesis, especially if you have ever been on a deadline. Yes, we have all been there where you put your pen to paper, or more likely, you sit and stare blankly at your computer screen for minutes, hours, and maybe even days. How do you break free of this horrible slump and get back to writing? Stick to a writing schedule. … [Read more...]

Heather Summerhayes Cariou – Sixtyfive Roses: A Sister’s Memoir


What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. Sixtyfive Roses: A Sister's Memoir is a literary memoir. It offers an unsparing eyewitness account of the pain, hope and valor of a family in crisis as it falls apart and pulls itself together again and again, only to emerge stronger and more loving. I was six when my four-year old sister Pam was diagnosed with Cystic … [Read more...]

Odie Smith – Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s Employment Survival Guide

Employment Survival Guide

What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it. The book’s title is Mr. And Mrs. Smith's Employment Survival Guide (Business Edition). The book provides my personal experiences on how to survive the unemployment difficulties after a job loss and suggestions on how to maintain a job once you have acquired the job. The book consists of 25 chapters with topics such as … [Read more...]

How to Pitch a Speaking Engagement


You’ve been blogging and interacting to build your author platform, and now it’s time to get out there and connect with your audience live and in person—but how do you get those speaking engagements? It takes a combination of three things: relevant speaking topics that can be honed to a specific audience, a speaker’s press kit, and a customized pitch. Relevant Speaking … [Read more...]