Coming up with a Great Opening for a Novel


Nothing is more critical than the first few lines of a story, since this will often influence whether or not a reader will continue with a work.  And a great opening is never more important than for a non-established writer who is trying to garner an audience or the budding author who is trying to acquire an agent or publisher. Writer's like Dickens and Woolf Provide a Lofty … [Read more...]

Every Day a New Day


January is the month for new beginnings. And February is the month for falling back into old habits. Every fitness center manager knows that the volume of new and attending members swells early in the year, but things soon go back to normal. And the author or entrepreneur whose twelve-month marketing/business development plan is still on schedule by June is the exception to the … [Read more...]

Instant Article Templates – 3 Reasons Why MOST Article Templates Do Not Help You Write Articles Fast


Instant article writing templates such as those found at Start can help you overcome writer's block. In many cases, with the right article templates, you can write your articles in 30 minutes or less. Notice the keywords there - "with the right article templates." If you do a Google search for "instant article writing templates", "instant article … [Read more...]

The Coolest Twitter App Yet

If you’re familiar with Twitter, you are certainly familiar with all the third party apps that enhance certain features of twitter (i.e. Tweet Deck, Monitter, etc). When you post your messages to Twitter, no matter which of the popular applications you use, did you realize that you're giving away valuable real estate and backlinks to someone else? If you use TweetDeck for … [Read more...]

Becoming a Bestselling Author is Hard Work!


Ready to write your first book? More power to you. Ready to live in luxury from the royalties? Time for a reality check. I won’t waste space with a lot of statistics on how hard it really is to make money writing. That approach is not only boring and negative, it’s futile. Everyone who conceives the perfect book expects to be the exception to the rule, the one … [Read more...]

Online Book Marketing – Is It Effective?


If you have recently published a book or novel, you be pleased to know that the Internet can become your most valuable resource. There is controversy as to whether or not it is effective to market your book online, especially since so many people are reading content directly on the Internet or downloading e-books. However, you can make these tactics work to your advantage to … [Read more...]

Improving Your Offline Business Card with a Proven Free Online Tactic


A business card is the most widely used method of advertising. It's also usually one of the worst designed and worded methods of advertising used. There is a proven method people make a lot of money online with which can be used to improve your business card. Best of all this seems to be a new idea...! How Do People Find Your Website? Don't worry this applies to the free … [Read more...]