Book Fairs and Festivals – the Top 25 for Authors and Publishers


Are book fairs an effective way to promote books? As a book publicist and book marketing specialist, I am the first to impress on authors the new and powerful marketing avenues open to all authors on the Internet – from book websites to book trailers to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. While these are fantastic tools when used properly, authors should never … [Read more...]

Book Marketing In The New Economy


The economy as we know it has changed entirely. Purchasing patterns and consumer behavior will be radically different from what it was two years ago. Excess and glitz are out. People are staying at home and enjoying the simple things in life – particularly a well-written book. That is the good news for authors. The bad - this means that that the challenge and competition any … [Read more...]

Which Article Template Should You Use?


I was recently asked by one of my Instant Article Writing Templates Kit customers: "Eric, I am amazed by how many different formats and formulas you have created to help us write articles faster. Now, I want to get started in a BIG way. What instant article writing templates should I focus on first?" Here's Your Article Marketing Expert's Answer to Which Article Templates … [Read more...]

Tasty Titles


An omelet, scrambled or sunny-side-up, are eggs by any name. When you request any one of those dishes you probably know what you are going to eat for breakfast. The name is clear, fairly universal and easily understood. What does the title of your book say? Will a potential reader know what you are offering immediately when they see your book on your website,, on a … [Read more...]

Why Can’t I Get My Novel Published?


There are abundant bear traps along the way that even writers who are old hands at accepting the vagaries of the publishing industry are having difficulty navigating in the current literary marketplace. Here are several issues--some old, some new--to consider. Pitching a Book to the Wrong Agent or Publisher is Problem #1 Genre specificity plagues a lot of authors. It's … [Read more...]

Out of the Box Fiction Marketing


As writers, we tend to put the marketing aspect on the backburner. But the truth is we have to face our marketing fears. Whether you are published by a traditional publisher or self-published, the task of marketing is going to be up to you. So here are a few tips to make your marketing experience an adventure rather than a nightmare. First, you will need to change your … [Read more...]

Easy, Affordable Book Marketing


So, you're a published author, congratulations! The journey from 'once upon a time' until 'they all lived happily ever after' can be bumpy, but it's ultimately smoothed out to seamless satisfaction with the elation of holding your published book in your hand. Once again, congratulations. What now? Marketing, marketing and more marketing. You now must eat, sleep, dream and … [Read more...]

Authors – Make Money with Sponsorship

Money in hand

Authors can have a variety of extracurricular activities. Depending on how involved the author wants to be with his/her book, radio shows, speaking tours and other activities can create extra income. Each of these activities could have a sponsor associated with it. For example, if you have an online radio show at, you could have sponsors advertise on your … [Read more...]

Ready, Set, Write


So you finally started that novel you’ve been promising to write. And, after some false starts, you think you’ve got the hang of it. One thing for sure, you’re learning that writing is not easy. Whoever said, “I hate writing but love having written” summed this labor of love perfectly. I know this first hand. Last year this time I was where you are today. And from one writer to … [Read more...]