Sell Your Books to Organizations – Partner with Corporations


Part six of a six part series on selling your books to organizations. See the rest of this series and other articles by Shel Horowitz. This article concludes our series on partnering with nonprofits to sell more books. Take what you’ve learned in the previous five installments in this series and apply it to for-profit corporations. You can approach corporations with two … [Read more...]

Article Marketers – Stop Insulting Your Targeted Audience When You Write and Submit Articles Online


When you write articles, if you don't keep your audience in mind then you are insulting them. Let me show you an example (unrelated to article marketing) of what happens if you don't keep your targeted audience in mind. Recently my girlfriend, Kristina Jaramillo, attended one of the worst bridal showers ever. I've never heard of a bridal shower where more than 75% of the … [Read more...]

Sell Your Books to Organizations – How to Approach Organizations


Part five of a six part series on selling your books to organizations. See the rest of this series and other articles by Shel Horowitz. When you craft your pitch to the organization you want to partner with, keep these things in mind: Focus your inquiry/pitch not on why you want to do this for yourself, but on how it will benefit the organization (please see Part 3 of … [Read more...]

Investing in Books About Publishing

New small and self-publishers often ask how to learn more about publishing. When various books on self-publishing are recommended to them, the response is often something such as, “I will look for these books at my library.” Now, I am a big believer in using the library system. However, I also believe that when it comes to books you need to run your business, you should be … [Read more...]

Sell More Books with OOVOO


Do you want a neat way to keep in contact with your customers? Try Oovoo allows you to have video calls with up to 3 people (free version) and more people with a paid version. Best of all, you can easily install a widget on your website. When a customer comes to your website, they can simply click the Oovoo button and your live video feed appears on their computer. … [Read more...]

Writing a Traditional Mystery


So – you want to write a mystery? You don’t know too much about police procedures or regulations for private detectives or the law, but you enjoy settling in with a good mystery in which the bad guys are caught, and the good guys (and gals) win out in the end. Writing a mystery might be just your cup of tea. Or thimble of arsenic. You’re not alone; traditional mysteries, … [Read more...]

Blogging a Novel


Sometimes, you just give in to peer pressure. I have always had the writing bug. However, I never pursued this endeavor until many family and friends said it is time to write a book. But, never really explored this "art" until October of 2008. That is when I started writing my novel, "Diary: Alone on Earth." Now, many people have asked me over the months, "David, why did you … [Read more...]

How to Write Short Articles Fast – The Right Way


I have always tended to stay away from writing short 400 to 500 word articles. But now I'm seeing that there are some perks to writing short, snappy, get to the point fast articles. The Perks of Writing a Shorter Article * Writing shorter articles can help you get out of a writing slump faster * Shorter articles make it easier for a reader to glean information from … [Read more...]

Publishing on Demand


Some call it just plain ”publishing.” Others claim to have self-published their books when they use Publishing on Demand (POD). Actually neither designation is completely correct. Yes, it is a kind of publishing, but a very special kind. It is not self-publishing, a process that differs substantially and requires far more expertise and involvement. POD is an outgrowth of the … [Read more...]