Publishing for Free


Pretty much on a daily basis I talk to authors and would-be publishers who have bought into the idea that publishing can be done with no money or very little. Folks, we've just been in an age of "No money down!" home-, furniture-, and everything-else-sales that have led to the biggest consumer crash ever. Surely we've learned that you can't get anywhere without having to … [Read more...]

Let Your Characters Market for You in Social Media


Does your heroine have a Twitter account? Why not? Posting to social media sites in the voice of your characters gives you another way to interact with readers and get them involved in your story. This works especially well for series characters, where the character’s relationship with the audience builds with each book. Social media can speed the process along. Here are … [Read more...]

Concise Writing


As I tell the authors whose books I edit, it’s relatively easy to write a whole book. You just do a mind dump. Then you hire me to help you clean it up. It’s that “cleaning it up” part that becomes a challenge. We tend to love our words, especially all those nifty adjectives and adverbs we find in the thesaurus and stuff into our sentences. But bloated sentences tend not to … [Read more...]

Understanding Traditional Publishing


Most of my readers are aware that there have been massive changes in the world of traditional publishing. The most impressive and beneficial is the burgeoning of indie publishers, smaller, independent companies that prize quality and diversity in books and care deeply about the authors they work with. At the other end of the spectrum is the sadness that has dominated what at … [Read more...]

How To Sell Your Books Online


Believe it or not, people do still read books! However, if you want to draw attention to your published work, then it is important to take it to the Internet. The Internet is a viable resource for valuable information, and many people are looking for great content to read in the form of books and e-books. One of the most important things to do as an author marketing your … [Read more...]

Get a Good Computer Keyboard


Sometimes I think I’m the only person on the planet without a BlackBerry. I must be the only person who doesn’t sit in restaurants or theaters or coffee shops texting to my friends. I’m really boring, I guess—when I’m sitting at a keyboard, it’s right here, and I’m sitting here because I’m writing something I want people to read. Some of the authors whose books I’m editing … [Read more...]

Save Time on Social Media with OpenID


Authors, it is no doubt that you use multiple websites to market your book. Websites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Technorati and more all require registration. It is important for you to have the same username for each social networking site. This not only reduces the stress of remembering 50+ usernames but prevents other people from securing usernames using your … [Read more...]

Sell Your Books to Organizations – Advantages


Part one of a six part series on selling your books to organizations. See the rest of this series and other articles by Shel Horowitz. When an organization buys your book, in quantity, there are many advantages to you beyond the dollars in your pocket. Not that those dollars aren’t a good thing; they most certainly are. But the cash in your pocket may not be worth as much as … [Read more...]

What to Expect When Your Book is Published


Understand what to expect in the publishing process. Try not to get stars in your eyes. The following tips might help keep you grounded. Keep in mind that every author can't be on Oprah! or The Today Show. Know that not every publishing house pays huge advances. Don't name the amount you'd like for an advance, and don't be offended if an independent press doesn't offer … [Read more...]

16 Sweet Reasons Talk Radio is a Great Way to Promote a Book, Product or Message

Vintage Radio Isolated on White with Clipping Path

Radio is one of the most effective marketing tools for those who want to reach both mass-market and targeted audiences. Talk radio is even more effective but often less appreciated by those with a message to sell to American consumers. Morning and afternoon radio talk shows are tuned in most by persons driving to and from work – persons not only with money but with money to … [Read more...]