Shipping Books by the Case


In addition to shipping individual books to customers, there may be times when you need to ship one or more cartons of books to wholesalers, bookstores, and others. Here are some tips for shipping books so they arrive undamaged and ready for sale. Whenever possible, try to ship in full case lots. If your books came from the printer packed in boxes of 40, … [Read more...]

Viral Video Marketing to Sell More Books

Viral videos are a great way to sell books. According to Wikipedia “A viral video is a video clip that gains widespread popularity through the process of Internet sharing, typically through email or Instant messaging, blogs and other media sharing websites. Viral videos are often humorous in nature”. There are three key points to consider when creating a viral video … [Read more...]

Promote Your Book in Virtual Reader Communities

Reader communities are a specialized type of social networking site where readers and authors network, and readers recommend books to others. For authors of fiction and children's books, reader communities may be even more useful than the more general social networking sites like Facebook. Many reader community sites allow authors to set up a profile page to promote … [Read more...]

Book Marketing and Book Promotion Using Book Signings


As a book publicist I have a strong opinion about book tours. Authors tend to think they are a great idea because they see celebrities and politicians like Larry King, Spike Lee, Rachael Ray, Hillary Clinton and other big names out on the circuit and think that’s the way to promote a book. Frankly it’s just ONE way to promote a book and is an element in the overall … [Read more...]

Use FriendFeed to Find a Ton of Customers

friendfeed is a website that in one place aggregates your friend’s (or potential customer’s) streams from across different social sites. In other words, from one user, you can view real-time updates from Twitter posts, Facebook updates and tons of other websites. FriendFeed can be an extremely useful website for finding your target audience and selling books, but be … [Read more...]

Fulfillment Services


Fulfillment services can take away the hassle of packing book orders, printing labels and standing in line at the post office. They can handle shipping individual books to customers, or larger orders to bookstores and other institutional buyers. You may decide that you need a fulfillment service because shipping books takes too much time from you or your staff, or because … [Read more...]

Write a Novel – The Difference Between Voice and Tone


One of the best ways to understand something is to provide different treatments of the subject. Thomas Mann's eight stories in the popular Vintage imprint with DEATH IN VENICE as the lead title is ideal to work from, since each story is written in a different voice. Yet his masterpiece, THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN, depicts his voice as a separate entity unto its own--and one could say … [Read more...]

How to Make the Press Interested in You and Your Book


I can’t believe the number of authors I hear on the radio that get stumped by questions the host asks about their own book. Here is a tip that will not only make you sound better on the radio, but will make it easy on the press to want to pick you to interview as opposed to the hundreds of other books all competing for air time. Write about 12-15 questions you would like the … [Read more...]