How Is a Hotel Room Like a Book Author Web Site?


Staying at the Hyatt near Disneyland I suddenly realized how similar the requirements for a customer-friendly hotel room are to the requirements for an easy-to-navigate Web site. Here are just a few examples of the similarities: Hotel: The decaffeinated coffee packets in the room had very small white type on silver background – almost impossible to read no matter how I … [Read more...]

Writing Tips For Novelists – Inserting Dialogue to Improve Narrative Pacing


It would be nice to relate that few writers ever have pacing issues, but as any novelist knows, the story's tempo is often--as it should be--on the forefront of an author's mind.In the writing workshops I facilitate that are sponsored by the Palm Beach County Library System, budding authors often ask about ways to better pace their material. One of my suggestions is to insert … [Read more...]

What Economic Crisis?


1. Do What you Love When you are doing something that takes you into what Deepak Chopra calls "Timeless Awareness" you will get supercharged and not think about time or money. It will bring you internal satisfaction that transcends the fleeting negative feelings that come with thinking about money or the lack-thereof. 2. Partner with a Non-Profit Giving back has … [Read more...]