Writing Tip For Serious Fiction Writers – The Prudent Use of Contractions to Create Fluent Dialogue


With an Ear for the Reader, Understand the Value of Contractions for Realism in Dialogue A major hindrance to realistic dialogue is the inability to recognize the value of contractions to enable fluency. Dialogue quickly becomes stilted due to the non-use of contractions, and the narrative tends to read like dissertation material or a legal brief.  Unless the character is … [Read more...]

Getting Your Book Ready to be Noticed


So…You’ve done the final edit. Now what? Among the many steps you still have to take is: page design. Page design? Big deal you might say. What I need is a great cover for my book. Your potential reader has perhaps 5 seconds to look at your cover. Maybe 10 seconds or more to read the back of your book, before deciding if they want to open it and scan the first few … [Read more...]

22 Tips on What to Wear For a TV Interview


Recently one of my author clients was featured on FOX News Boston. Before he was interviewed on camera he was nervous but was able to recall the media training that we put him through a few weeks earlier. That, along with a pep talk, and he was good to go. What about YOU? Are you ready to be interviewed by local or national TV? If you’ve not had media training, believe me … [Read more...]

Four Authors of Classical Contemporary Literature Defined the Craft of Writing Perfect Prose


There are four aspects of the craft of writing that many who understand literature would argue have never been better addressed: Steinbeck's perfection with dialogue, Faulkner's depth of characterization, Hemingway's precise narrative, and Fitzgerald's palpable creation of mood. One of the quickest ways to appreciate John Steinbeck's brilliance in the realm of dialogue is to … [Read more...]

POD Publicity – Sell More of Your Print on Demand Book


Print on demand publishing is an easy, fast and inexpensive way to publish your own book. However, unless you promote it is unlikely that you will sell more than a few copies. Heather Wallace can help you to sell more books, with the helpful information in her book, POD Publicity - How to Take a Print on Demand Book from Obscurity to Profitability. In POD Publicity, Wallace … [Read more...]

How Rachael Ray’s Cookbook Helped to Launch Her Career


Rachael Ray heads an empire that includes hit TV shows, best selling books, a magazine and her own product lines. Things keep getting better and better for Rachael Ray. But, you might be interested to know that it was a couple of radio interviews that propelled her to fame and fortune. As a book publicist I talk to authors and clients every day and every so often one says, … [Read more...]

Book Marketing on Twitter – Misconceptions and the Truth


Here’s an email I got from a book author: I’m going to look into Twitter but I don’t have a Blackberry or anything mobile I can portably communicate with, other than my laptop — it seems like a good way to broadcast events, readings or online chats or something, but right now I have nothing like that to announce. It seems like it would be more of a constant annoyance than … [Read more...]