Authors and the Value of Friends


The value of friends in the book authoring and publishing process cannot be underestimated. We always hear talk about the value of agents and publishers but never of friends. Certainly agents can be very important and publishers are essential. But don't forget your friends! I see four ways that friends can help you become a more successful writer. 1. Getting the job. My … [Read more...]

Make Sure Your Book Has Potential Before Writing It!


“Crazy” Lives We’ve all known people who talk about their “crazy” lives, which, 99 out of 100, is just a life like most other lives, or, at the very least, certainly not some Oprah-worthy existence. They exclaim, “I should write a book; no one would believe it.” Yeah, and no offense, but I’d wager no one would buy it, either. What we think is absolutely fascinating about … [Read more...]

Eight Mistakes Self-Publishers Make — and How to Avoid Them!


Mistake #1. You wrote an unnecessary book Harsh? Perhaps. Honest. Absolutely. Are there already 20 titles on your non-fiction subject? Does the world really need a 21st? If so, how is yours different? Put another way, write a book people will want to read. No books on your subject? That could be good or could mean little market exists for the book. Mistake # 2. You have a … [Read more...]

Make Your Book Title a Promise


Got a Non-Fiction Book? Tell Your Reader What’s In It for Them! NOTE: the following suggestions apply to non-fiction works. Book titles and corporate slogans. The two have a lot in common (something I realized from all my years as a copywriter). Let’s look at some famous slogans: GE. We bring good things to life. Delta. We’re ready when you are. Avis. We try … [Read more...]