Create Powerful and Compelling Back Cover Copy That Sells Books!


Note: The following guidelines are for non-fiction. Fiction, where you simply need to entrance someone with a good story line, would be different. Think about how you buy a book. You pick it up, look at the cover, and if you like the visuals, title, and subtitle, it’s because something resonates in you; something about what you see calls to some desire or longing inside … [Read more...]

Why Print-on-Demand is the Right Choice


As a writer there are certain accomplishments that feel like no other and having a book published is certainly one of them. There is nothing so gratifying as holding your own book in your hands and the satisfaction of knowing that others will be reading your work. Years ago, many thought that the only respectable route to achieve that accomplishment was to have your manuscript … [Read more...]

Are Self-Publishing Companies “Cheating” by Removing the Hurdles to Get Your Books Published Faster?


In spite of growing evidence that self-publishing is poised to replace (or at least match) traditional publishing in the future, many conventionally published authors (and those striving to become such) still view self-publishing with contempt. They feel self-publishing companies and those authors who choose to use them are "cheating" somehow. After all, getting a book … [Read more...]

Seven Steps to a More Compelling, Engaging and Readable Book


Making Sure Your Book Gets Read, Referred, Talked About, and Bought More! How many best sellers have you ever read that were dry, boring, or uninspired? Not many, I’d wager. Write an interesting, compelling book, and you’ll be ahead of the pack out of the gate. Sure, some people are inherently gifted when it comes to wordsmithing, but anyone can improve their skills by … [Read more...]

Christian Book Distributors


Getting a distributor can help you get your book on the shelves of national chains and independent book stores. There are general book distributors, but a better choice for a Christian-themed book might be one of the Christian book distributors. Christian book distributors specialize in representing Christian books, they work primarily with Christian book stores and … [Read more...]

ePublish by Steve Weber – Book Review

Ebooks are more popular than ever, with the Kindle, iPhone and other ebook readers being adopted by more people every day. The amazing growth in the ebook market presents authors and publishers with opportunities to reach new customers with their content, sometimes with little or no investment. ePublish: Self-Publish Fast and Profitably for Kindle, iPhone, CreateSpace and … [Read more...]

Book Distributors and Self-Publishing with Dan Poynter


Dan Poynter fell into publishing. He spent eight years researching a labor of love. Realizing that no publisher would be interested in a technical treatise on the parachute, he went directly to a printer. The orders poured in, and the author was suddenly a publisher. Dan has since produced over 80 books and revisions, some of which have been translated into Spanish, … [Read more...]

Book Distributors


Book distributors sell books to bookstores and wholesalers. Although it may sometimes be possible to sell directly to bookstores, most booksellers prefer dealing with a few wholesalers and distributors rather than entering into transactions with thousands of publishers. Although many people use the terms book wholesaler and book distributor interchangeably, they are … [Read more...]